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The Best Restaurants and Bars at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport

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by Nickolaus Hines Sep 6, 2019

The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is designed to get a lot of people in and out of Sin City as efficiently as possible. It does a fine job of that. It also does a fine, if not great, job at feeding those people and giving them plenty of watering holes to empty their winnings (or whatever’s left) at.

The first thing you’ll notice no matter which gate you’re flying out of are Sprinkles vending machines. The cupcakes that come out of said vending machines are always accessible and surprisingly tasty. If you’re looking for something more, there are plenty of fast-food restaurants to choose from. Bars and other restaurants are limited, but available, unless you’re by the C Gates in Terminal 1.

These are the best places to eat in each terminal at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

Terminal 1 — A Gates

The B Lounge: This Budweiser-owned bar serves, you guessed it, Budweiser products. Beers on draft and a full bar have you covered on the drinks side while some small bar snacks are on the menu if you’re hungry. A fine place to watch sports and drink a beer, for an airport.

Where: Near Gate A5

Stella Artois Bar: A small bar with Stella on tap in the middle of the circle of Gates A10-A15. The bar isn’t much, but then again there’s not much at all by the A Gates other than these two bars, a Moe’s Southwest Grill, and a notoriously slow cheesesteak shop.

Where: Near Gates A10 through A15

Terminal 1 — B Gates

PGA Tour Grill: A chain of restaurants where you can order from a mashup menu covering basic favorites like burgers, pizza, pasta, and standard egg breakfasts. There’s a full bar as well.

Where: In the middle of B Gates’ two concourses

Red Star Lounge: A Heineken bar (hence the “Red Star” in the name) with a handful of beers and ciders on draft and in a bottle. There’s also a limited liquor selection for basic cocktails and neat pours — all of which are airport prices. No food. The barstools offer a view of the TVs, but don’t feel restricted to sticking around because you can take your drink to-go at McCarran Airport.

Where: Near Gate B9

Terminal 1 — C Gates

Brookwood Farms BBQ: Carolina barbecue in a Nevada airport. While it’s not to be compared with anything you’d find at a true Carolina barbecue spot, it’s filling and relatively well priced for an airport.

Where: Near Gate C14

Corcoran’s Irish Pub: Pub with some Irish touches that serves Guinness (and other beers and ciders) on tap. Also has a full, if basic, liquor bar for simple cocktails and beer-and-a-shot combos. Only small pre-packaged foods, so stick to the drinks.

Where: Near Gate C2

Crafted Bar: It’s not craft in the sense of craft beer (there are two taps and bottles from big labels) or in the sense of craft liquor (there’s a dedicated Fireball pouring machine). It is a fine bar to walk up to for a quick drink while you get your flight, then take your drink back to a seat because the small, against-the-wall bar isn’t much for ambiance.

Where: Near Gate C7

Jose Cuervo Tequileria: You know the tequila brand. In addition to tequila, there are other spirits to round out the full range of basic cocktails, as well as a decent beer selection and wines by the glass or bottle. The food is Southwest-style Mexican fare like big burritos and enchiladas, along with basic tacos, nachos, and quesadillas.

Where: Near Gate C5

Lucky Streak Lounge: Buffalo wings and other standard bar fare alongside a full bar. There are some craft options (and semi-local craft options) unlike most places at McCarran.

Where: Near Gate C22

Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill: The bar food is basic and, in a way, beachy with options like burgers. The decor is even more beachy with surfboards on the ceiling and plenty of bright colors. A solid selection of rums complements a full cocktail, beer, and wine list.

Where: Near Gate C23

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Terminal 1 — D Gates

Burke in the Box: Basic American airport restaurant with a full bar. One of the few places around the D Gates that isn’t a mega-chain recognized around the country.

Where: Near Gate D52

Estrella Jalisco Bar: A small but full bar owned by the Estrella beer brand. Perfect for a grab-and-go drink, and that’s all.

Where: Near Gate D7

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill: A local pizza chain with burgers and other small plates. Wine and beer options available.

Where: Across from Gate D6

Terminal 3

The Village Pub: Fried pub food and sandwiches. Pair it up with a local beer.

Where: Near Gate E14

Las Vegas ChopHouse & Brewery: Run-of-the-mill steakhouse with salmon and sirloin. Full bar to help pass the time when you have too much of it before your flight.

Where: Near Gate E8

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