HOTEL ROOMS in Las Vegas are expensive. Even when they’re not expensive, once you tack on the nearly-ubiquitous “resort fee” (an unavoidable upcharge for shit that’s already included with the hotel, like “access” to the gym and pool, which can run up to a whopping extra $40 per night) and, heaven help you if you rent a car, the also-now-nearly-ubiquitous daily parking fee, a room that might have only been $100 per night has now soared well beyond twice that. And good luck finding a decent room for $100 night on a weekend, or during peak tourist season, or when there is a conference in town, or a fight, or a major concert, or a holiday, or…well, you get the idea.

Thankfully the sharing economy has taken off here as an alternative to the casino tourist-gouging. There are many kinds of spaces available in a wide range of price points — just as you can get a private room in a shared home 10 minutes off the Strip, so can you get a private two-story penthouse suite overlooking the Strip. These are some of our favorite finds:

1. A penthouse studio suite at Palms Place (one of many)

One thing you’ll notice from looking up listings on Airbnb is that there are a lot of listings inside the Palms Place. The second tower at the Palms Casino Resort is a mix of almost identical suites for rent and condos to own. Apparently, everyone in Las Vegas bought a condo here at some point, and they all have them listed on Airbnb. You’ll have a lot to choose from, but we cherry-picked a few extra-special standouts. (But again, they’re all nearly identical.) This one is very clean and looks exactly like the hotel version of the room but with colorful throw pillows. Bonus: A stay at the Palms puts you pretty much as close as you can be to the Strip without actually being on the Strip.

See the listing here.

2. A luxury studio suite inside the Vdara

You can stay in a room at the Vdara, or you can stay in someone’s luxury studio suite at the Vdara, complete with views of the Vdara’s pool deck and the rest of the sparkling City Center development. A word, though: Vdara tends to have some of the cheapest rates on the Strip (likely because it is a non-gaming resort without much draw of its own outside of the wonderful spa), so do your due diligence before paying some dude more than $400/night to stay somewhere that might only cost $150, once you total up all the fees associated with each option.

See the listing here.

3. A mid-mod-style apartment inside a hip DTLV high-rise

If you want to know what all the DTLV hype is about, stay in this comfortable-yet-stylish apartment inside The Ogden, one of a handful of high-rise buildings located in Downtown Las Vegas where all the Vegas cool kids live, work, and play. (No joke: they all work for Zappos and never leave these few blocks that comprise the core of downtown.)

See the listing here.

4. A big, beautiful, bright white house

Not big on that high-rise life? Minimalists will love this 3,000-square-foot, 4-bedroom home that is, frankly, way too pure and white and untarnished for a Vegas rental, where you’re pretty much guaranteed to be scraping vomit off the floors and out of the towels and bedding on a semi-regular basis.

See listing here.

5. A mid-century home in a historic neighborhood

Yes, Vegas has a few historic neighborhoods! And while some of the homes are in states of disrepair, many worshippers of mid-century modern have sniffed these gems out and snapped them up. This beautifully remodeled home is located in the historic Scotch Eighty neighborhood and has an enormous pool and patio area.

See the listing here.

6. A huge home with a huge pool

As advertised, this is a big, comfy home with a huge pool. Yes, huge.

See the listing here.

7. A luxury penthouse at the Palms Palace

This one is not identical to all the other Palms Place listings: this one is a 3,905-square-foot penthouse with a wrap-around balcony that has its own infinity hot tub overlooking the Strip, 3 bedrooms with king beds, 3.5 baths, a pool table, a kitchen that could service a restaurant, several different seating areas, and more.

See the listing here.

8. Super-cute home with a super host

This place has a minimalist style but with lots of pops of happy colors and high-end finishes. The host is also fully licensed for short-term rentals, which is, alas, not a guarantee with everyone (and the City of Las Vegas, being owned by the casino industry and all, is working to pass stricter legislation overseeing home shares and short-term rentals).

See the listing here.

9. A very nice, clean home close to downtown with a nice pool

Affordable and conveniently located for people who want to do more downtown things than Strip things, this place has a great kitchen, living room with fireplace, and pool area — nothing over-the-top but still stylish and comfortable, and certainly good for groups (just not the “Vegas, woooooo” kind).

See the listing here.

10. A large remodeled ranch in a historic ‘hood close to downtown

This place is all understated elegance with a lovely pool and patio. It’s located in another historic area of Las Vegas that has many cute homes and is a short drive or Lyft ride to downtown.

See the listing here.

11. A very Vegas vacation rental

If you want a place that screams LAS VEGAS, this place is it. It has just the right amount of Vegas-theme décor to make it unique to your location without being tacky. Colorful, modern, comfortable, with a huge yard, pool, and kitchen, this place is a vacation escape unto itself.

See the listing here.

12. A 2-bedroom Vdara penthouse

While $600-ish a night might not be “affordable” by a lot of people’s standards, just look at what you’re getting! In a nutshell: seriously stunning 270-degree views of the Strip from the 45th floor. DAYUM.

See the listing here.

13. A huge one-bedroom condo at the Palms Place

We’ve already highlighted a studio and a massive penthouse at the Palms Place; this one is right in the middle, a 1,200-square-foot one-bedroom condo with beautiful furnishings and equally beautiful views of the Strip from the private balcony.

See the listing here.

14. A pad that’s all about the pool party

It’s got a covered cabana, a palapa, and a giant pool, as well as two separate yards (the other, non-pool yard features a covered patio with gas grill). The house has four spacious bedrooms, and while the space isn’t as pristinely modern as some of the others here, it is still very clean and comfortable. And really, this place is all about that pool.

See the listing here.

15. 6,000 square feet of awesome

Okay, we haven’t included a ton of baller listings here, so now is the time: this here is a 6,000-square-foot luxury home that sits on half an acre of lush landscaping with an exterior that’s all Spanish colonial and an interior that’s ultra-modern. The pool has waterfalls. The two master bedrooms are each as big as some people’s whole homes. The place is over-the-top. You could have a wedding here.

See the listing here.

16. A Beauty and the Beast fairytale suite

Any Disney lover will love this suite, all decked out in the blue and gold color palette of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with furnishings that match the aesthetic and some other decorative nods to the film (including a rose encased in glass). It’s maybe not for everyone, but it’s entirely charming for those that would appreciate it.

See the listing here.