Photo: Yosemite National Park/Facebook

Video Shows Yosemite National Park Full of Animals in the Absence of Humans

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by Eben Diskin Apr 6, 2020

National parks are supposed to be all about nature. The reality in some of the United States’ most popular parks is, unfortunately, can be the complete opposite, especially in the spring and summer. Parking lots are crammed, trails are packed with hikers, and the forests are anything but quiet. The coronavirus pandemic has tragically resulted in the closure of many national parks, meaning we might have to wait a while before enjoying some of the country’s most scenic offerings. It also means, however, that their landscapes have returned to their most natural state.

This video shared by Yosemite National Park shows the park completely deserted by tourists, and instead occupied by its native residents — the wildlife. Young deer wander along the roads unafraid of traffic, coyotes stroll alongside abandoned bike racks, and the sound of tumbling waterfalls is unobstructed by any human chattering.

Of course, the park won’t remain this way forever, nor do we want it to. We’re eager to get back to our national parks and start exploring again. In the meantime, however, it’s nice to see the animals having free reign over their habitat.

Yosemite closed indefinitely on March 20, on the advice of the local health department, along with many of the nation’s other parks. Prior to the closures, many parks even offered reduced entry fees to encourage safe social distancing in an outdoor environment. Health officials, however, have since warned that crowds flocking to parks could be exacerbating the issue, prompting many to close.

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