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The Viral #TeamTrees Initiative Aims to Plant 20 Million New Trees by 2020

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by Eben Diskin Oct 30, 2019

YouTubers often carry a stigma of being vain and only interested in growing their subscribers, but that’s not exactly fair. This particular YouTuber is using his platform to generate awareness about environmental issues, and so far, he’s been pretty successful. To celebrate hitting 20 million subscribers, YouTuber MrBeast began a campaign called #TeamTrees to plant 20 million trees around the world by 2020.

He tweeted to his followers imploring them to help him start “the largest YouTube collaboration of all time.” MrBeast teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation, the biggest tree planting organization in the world, which aims to plant as many trees as possible all over the world. For each dollar donated by MrBeast’s followers and others, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant one tree in a forest of high need. The project’s goal is to restore forests to their natural state before deforestation, pollution, and human development devastated them.

Woody Nelson of the Arbor Day Foundation said, “The way our world is today, it’s wonderful that so many people in this YouTube community really care … If ever there’s been a time to plant trees, now is that time.”

Thus far, the campaign has been a success. Over 6.2 million new trees have been planted so far. Learn more about the initiative and how to get involved by visiting the Arbor Day Foundation and #TeamTrees websites.

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