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Virgin Voyages Is Giving Away 2,021 Free Cruise Vacations This Year

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by Eben Diskin Feb 16, 2021

In honor of the year 2021, Virgin Voyages is giving away 2,021 cruise voyages over the course of a year. The free cruises are part of the company’s “Shipload of Love” promotion, and will be given to individuals nominated by their loved ones, who believe they deserve a much-needed vacation.

In an announcement, Virgin Voyages said, “This initiative is meant to pay tribute to those who have impacted our lives in a meaningful way. No good deed is too small, and no individual is to be overlooked. Love and beauty exist in the eye of the beholder, including our unsung heroes, who have shown us that their embrace makes the world a better place.”

Fittingly, the giveaway launched on February 14 and will continue all year.

“Serving as a tribute to those who have lifted us up, taken care of us and our loved ones and those who have brought positivity into the world,” the company said, “this giveaway is the perfect kickoff to showing our appreciation.”

You can enter your email on the Virgin Voyages website for updates about the contest and how to nominate someone.

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