How to Visit Long Ke Wan Beach in Hong Kong

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by Ashley Welton Aug 11, 2017

LONG KE WAN, also called Long Ke Beach, is one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches. Not only is it clean with clear waters, it also adjacent to the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark — where you can see unusual hexagonal rock formations formed hundreds of million of years ago.

How to get there

Long Ke Wan and Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark are located in Sai Kung East Country Park. Take a taxi from Sai Kung town to the East Dam reservoir — this is the gateway to the Geopark. It’s about a 1.5km walk through the park on the MacLehose Trail to Long Ke Beach. The alternative is to also hike the entire MacLehose Trail starting at Pak Tam Chung and ending at Long Ke — it’s a 11.5km one way trek.

What to consider

  • There are no amenities on the way or in Long Ke — best stock up in Sai Kung town.
  • Many of the Geopark’s sites are remote, but there are plenty of tours available — by boat and by land.
  • Camping is allowed at Long Ke beach, but there are only 15 sites available.
  • The campsite amenities include BBQ pits, benches, tables and dry toilet pits and stream water access, which is seasonal.

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