How to Visit Nusa Penida in Indonesia

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by Ashley Welton Sep 7, 2017

NUSA PENIDA is the lesser known and lesser visited, but largest of three islands off the southeastern coast of Bali, Indonesia. An unofficial bird sanctuary for endangered Balinese and Indonesian bird species, Nusa Penida has successfully prevented the Bali Starling’s extinction — the locals actively protect the birds. It is an offense to threaten the life of any of these creatures.

Many people come to Nusa Penida to escape the crowds — and immerse themselves in nature and local hospitality. It’s known as the best scuba diving destination in the area and you’re likely to see large pelagic creatures, like Manta Rays and Oceanic sunfish—maybe even a whale shark.

The hiking is steep, the beaches are beautiful and this island is ideal for the traveler who likes to get away from it all.

How to get there:

From Bali there are many transport options to Nusa Penida. From Padang Bai and Sanur Beach you can catch a daily public ferry—a large boat that transports vehicles as well as people—or a speedboat service that carries around 20 people for a little less than 3x the price. There are also tours from Benoa Harbour.

What to consider

  • There is little fresh water on the island, and much is brought in by boat.
  • Tourist infrastructure is very limited, but growing.
  • Tourists can expect higher prices than Bali.
  • There are a few small, simple places to stay on the north-side of the island—nothing approaching mid-range.
  • The only accommodations alternative away from the north coast are camping or to ask for lodging from the head of a village.

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