How To Visit Queensland’s Gardners Falls

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Ashley Welton
Feb 14, 2018

The sunshine coast hinterland is worth a visit for anyone who considers themselves to be the least bit adventurous. Gardners Falls is just outside the tiny town of Maleny and it is one of the best spots for freshwater fun in The Hinterland.

The falls aren’t very tall, and the pool’s not very wide, but it’s deep and surrounded by native forest which makes it perfect for rope swings. During the hot summer months, there’s not a better place to cool off.

It’s easily accessible for all abilities (although the path isn’t great for wheelchairs or strollers), there’s a parking lot, and entry is free. Like many great swim spots, it can get busy on the weekends, especially in the summertime.

And, as we travelers know, easily-accessed natural spaces can be overrun and neglected by some. So make it your mission to not only enjoy the space but to pack out all rubbish (and other people’s too if you must). Let’s rally together to keep spots like Gardners Falls as pristine as they were had they never been discovered or enjoyed.

How to get there

Gardner Falls is just outside of the small town of Maleny. Drive south-east out of Maleny for about 4 km until you find Obi Lane. Park at the end (there’s an area). The path to the falls can be seen from the road.

What to consider

  • The path down to the falls was paved once but has been damaged by flooding so it doesn’t make for good transport of wheelchairs or strollers.
  • The walk to the pools is short and flat and will only take you 5-10 minutes each way.
  • Grab supplies in the cute town of Maleny as there aren’t any provisions near the falls.
  • The parking lot is small, get there early for a spot.
  • Pack a picnic. There are lots of places to recline and relax. You won’t want to leave just because you’re hungry.
  • There are no facilities in the area.
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