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The World’s First Outdoor Festival for Female Travelers Will Hit New Orleans in 2022

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by Alex Bresler Feb 11, 2021

Though 2021 is still newly upon us, many travelers have already started planning for 2022. For female travelers, something exciting just hit our radars for next March: Wanderfest.

Hosted by the women’s travel network Wanderful, March 12-13, 2022, will see the world’s first outdoor festival for female travelers take over the streets of New Orleans, bringing together leaders in the travel space and a growing sisterhood of women with a mutual love of adventure. Wanderfest attendees will be able to hear live music and inspirational talks, support women-owned businesses through the festival’s global marketplace, and even traipse through the French Quarter in the inaugural Wander Woman Parade, to say nothing of the relationships they’ll form along the way.

The festival could not be coming at a better time. Says Beth Santos, the founder and CEO of Wanderful, “After a year, the one thing we’re all thinking about more than ever is travel — namely how and when we’ll get out there! I’m so thrilled to launch an event as special as Wanderfest at a time we all need it most — to make new connections, build lasting friendships, explore an incredible city, and to do it all while celebrating a deep love of travel with hundreds of other soul sisters. From our inspiring speakers to live music, I expect it to be pure magic.”

To be notified when tickets officially go on sale, subscribe here to get your name on the waitlist. Those interested can also snag a table at the marketplace, host an event, or apply to volunteer. To get even more stoked on the fun that’s to come, check out the preview below.

Matador Network is a proud sponsor of Wanderfest. Use code MATADOR for 15 percent off tickets, on sale March 8.

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