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Washington State Will Ban Gas Cars Completely by 2030

Washington Sustainability News
by Eben Diskin Apr 16, 2021

If electric cars still sound like a novelty to you, that novelty is about to become mandatory in certain states. Washington State just passed a bill requiring all light-duty vehicles made in 2030 or later to be electric.

The “Clean Cars 2030” bill is designed to prepare the state for all-electric transportation and makes Washington the first state to legislatively pass a gas car ban. While Massachusetts and California also plan gas car bans by 2035, Washington’s date for enforcing the policy is the earliest in the country, Electrek reported.

Specifically, the bill bans the sale, purchase, or registration of any on-electric vehicle with a model year of 2030 or later. This bill applies to cars purchased out of state and imported to Washington. Any electrically powered vehicle would be permissible, including fuel cell vehicles powered by an electric motor. It’s important to note that the bill is framed as a set of goals rather than a strict regulation, so the exact parameters will likely change over the next decade.

As more states consider laws like this one, many are concerned about the economic impact of disappearing gas tax revenue. States often rely on gas tax revenue for road and infrastructure funding, which is an issue that will need to be addressed as electric vehicles become more ubiquitous.

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