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This Company Wants to Weigh Passengers Before Flights to Save on Fuel

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by Eben Diskin Apr 18, 2019

Stepping on a scale in public is a nightmare for many, but it might soon become a reality whenever you prepare to fly. A British startup company called Fuel Matrix wants to start weighing passengers to help airlines minimize fuel costs and improve flight safety, though they’re trying to do it as discreetly as possible. Methods like pressurized pads at self-service bag drops, or even full body scans that determine weight, are all being considered. This would provide airlines with data on how much weight is on their flight, and potentially help the airline save on fuel costs.

Baggage, equipment, and passenger weight all play a role in how much fuel is required for a plane to make its flight. The typical weight estimate is, however, higher than the actual passenger weight, resulting in planes carrying far more fuel than they actually need. This means planes are heavy, less efficient, and less environmentally friendly.

Even more controversially, Fuel Matrix is also proposing seating passengers based on weight. This would ensure that weight is evenly distributed throughout the flight and go even farther toward achieving fuel efficiency — but it’s unlikely to be well received by the public.

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