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16 Wellness Stocking Stuffers Everyone Needs This Year

by Katie Scott Aiton Nov 9, 2020

If there’s one thing everyone desperately needs this year, it’s more self-care, especially with the holidays approaching. All the anxiety of 2020 can be eased with simple yet amazing products that will help your loved ones relax and feel beautiful and rested. So stuff your friends and family’s stockings with affordable, quality products that will add a much-needed smidge of luxury to the end of this difficult year. From multi-purpose moisturizers and balms to essential oils and a compact massage roller, here are the perfect wellness stocking stuffers everyone needs this Christmas.

1. Hot cloth cleanser by Liz Earl, from $9

Liz Earle Cleanser

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A hot cloth cleanser is luxurious and replaces eye makeup remover, freeing up some space in your toiletry bag while traveling. This creamy cleanser by Liz Earl massages beautifully into your skin and is removed with a hot flannel — which most hotels have. It leaves your skin soft and does not have any nasty ingredients. The company has also just launched a range of holiday packaging and has a variety of sizes and price points to choose from.

2. Multi-purpose balm by Lano, $15

Lano lips

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Multi-purpose balms take a ton of bulk out of your toiletry bag. Perfect for dry skin, taming brows or split ends, moisturizing lips, aiding sunburn and insect bites, and softening cuticles, the 101 Ointment by Lano is an all-in-one product that is compact and affordable. This mid-range product works from top to toe and is made from a dense lanolin balm that seals in moisture. It has a collection of fruity flavors — apple, strawberry, peach, etc. — and the balm comes in red and pink for lush lips.

3. Yoga socks by Shashi Socks, from $16

Shashi Yoga Socks

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Yoga socks make a flow practice easier and hide your pedicure-less bare toes and heels. Shashi Socks has a colorful and diverse range of yoga socks. You can select from toeless, split toe, or regular. Our personal favorite is the mesh sparkle design which comes in 11 different shades.

4. Gift card of a monthly or annual subscription to Headspace, from $13

Headspace App

Photo: Headspace/Facebook

Headspace is becoming a household name. The mindfulness app was launched in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe who is a former Buddhist monk. Headspace is for anyone, from those who practice daily meditation to those who have never tried. The subscription service gives users access to workshops, courses, and multiple wind-downs and sleepcasts. You can purchase a gift card for a subscription from one month to a year.

5. Hair wrap by SILKE London, $65

Silk Hair Wrap Silke London

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Silk hair wraps keep your hair from turning into a bird’s nest while you sleep. Silk cocoons the hair, encasing naturally produced oils equally throughout the strands, rather than letting them seep into the pillow. The wrap by SILKE London is made from 100 percent silk and comes in 11 colors.

6. Essential oils by Neal’s Yard, $36

This handy organic hemp handwoven bag of roll-on essential oils is perfect for travel. There is a selection of four scents for pulse point use: Energy, Night Time, Relaxation, and Travel. The travel blend has lavender oil which is good for reducing stress and anxiety.

7. Massage ball roller by Trigger Point, $25

We could all do with a massage ball roller in our stocking this year. Trigger Point’s double massage ball roller is ideal to help with the mobility of your neck, upper back, and thoracic spine. Its design helps getting to those hard to reach and tough spots. This is a perfect substitute for anyone who cannot get to a masseuse in person this holiday season.

8. General purpose moisturizer by Steam Cream, $17

steam cream

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This general-purpose moisturizer from Steam Cream is ideal for traveling. This is good for everywhere, like your hands, body, and face. It does not have sunblock or skincare properties, but it’s fine for everyday use on a trip. It is also affordable and comes in a variety of fun and colorful patterned tins. The tin also means the rich moisturizer does not leak like it tends to do in plastic.

9. Vitamin Stacks by Nourished, from $13

Vitamin stacks Nourished

Photo: Nourished/Facebook

Nourished is a vitamin company like no other. It is revolutionizing the supplement market with the option to custom-make a stack of all-in-one vitamins. Its online quiz takes you through a series of questions to find out what you are lacking and provides you with a monthly supply in a smart box delivered to your door. It also has a selection of holiday gift packs that are geared toward more general needs such as prenatal care, support for skin, hair, and nails, and energy boosters.

10. Travel Hair Kit by Briogeo, from $23.99

Briogeo Travel Hair Kit

Photo: Briogeo/Facebook

Travel kits tend to be a false economy, as it’s rare to find a package where you like all the things. But this travel hair care kit by Briogeo is entirely different. It has an online quiz you can take so you find the correct products to suit your hair needs. It’s a simple concept, but it is one of a handful of companies that cater to everyone and for that — and the fact that the line is 90 to 100 percent naturally derived — selecting a travel kit for your loved one is much more personal.

11. Natural hand sanitizer by Touchland, from $12

Touchland sanitizer

Photo: touchland/Facebook

You might be questioning the price point of this hand sanitizer by Touchland, but there is a good reason why it’s a little more expensive than most on the market. It contains 67 percent ethyl alcohol, but unlike most sanitizers, it does not smell like alcohol. It’s also dermatologically tested, free of parabens, and not tested on animals. Touchland’s products are also moisturizing and the TSA-approved bottle will last for up to 500 sprays. It has a cute design and comes in a variety of scents from watermelon to aloe vera.

12. Hydrating serum by Jordan Samuel, $29

Jordan Samuel Serum

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A decent serum comes in handy in lots of situations when traveling. It’s brilliant for the flight because cabin air is really dry and dehydrating and a moisturizing serum that is rich in hyaluronic acid will trap water into your skin. Using a serum also means you can skip your moisturizer and go straight to sunblock. This hyaluronic acid serum by Jordan Samuel contains aloe leaf and cucumber extract which is calming and perfect for most skin types.

13. Masks by United by Blue, $20 for a pack of three

We’ve seen so many companies around the world turn their hand to make masks to serve us this year during the pandemic, which makes choosing a reusable mask a little daunting. That said, there are some that stand out as they are going a step further by supporting a cause through sales. United by Blue is a perfect example. It is keeping it local by donating one mask for every pack sold to Chosen 300 to benefit Philadelphia residents experiencing homelessness.

14. Sunblock by Beauty by Earth, $35 for a pack of two

Beauty by Earth SPF

Photo: Beauty By Earth/Facebook

Avoid travel-sized sunblocks — you can never have enough and small containers are a waste of plastic. Beauty by Earth makes mineral sunblocks without any toxins that can harm coral reefs. You can get a subscription or purchase a multi-pack.

15. Pure silk sleep mask by Slip, $50

Silk sleep mask Slip

Photo: slip/Facebook

Blocking out unwanted light and getting enough sleep when traveling is essential for maintaining well-being. Sleep masks can be lifesavers and opting for a one made from silk can also help prevent wrinkles and retain moisture in the skin. There’s a lot to choose from with Slip, with all its designs and colors. It is the best in the market, made from high-grade mulberry silk, and worth every cent.

16. Hydrating facial mist by Glow Recipe, $32

Glow Recipe hydrating mist

Photo: Glow Recipe/Facebook

Hydrating facial mist comes in a handy size so you can pop them in a carry-on to rehydrate during a flight or in a handbag if you need a spritz during a hot day. This mist from Glow Recipe is 84 percent watermelon and is blended with hyaluronic acid and hibiscus. It smells good enough to eat and is a real treat for your skin.

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