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Why Flight Attendants Won't Lift Your Luggage Into the Overhead Bin for You

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by Olivia Harden Mar 10, 2022

There’s a myth that for too long has been perpetuated in the air travel industry. While flight attendants are there to assist you throughout your flight, one thing they are actually not supposed to do is lift your luggage into the overhead bin before departure. It might seem like it makes little sense, but there are quite a few reasons. And if you’re vertically challenged or a notorious over-stuffer, this might make things challenging for you. Some people even find the experience of struggling to get your bag in the bin while everyone waits to get behind you kind of awkward.

Trying to lift your heavy carry-on can make a flight attendant susceptible to injuries, Taylor Garland, a representative for the Assn. of Flight Attendants-CWA told the LA Times. An injury on the job means worker’s compensation. If the airline makes this against its policy, it may not cover the injury.

Flight attendants are also not paid for anything they do before a plane is up in the air. And pre-boarding responsibilities are already stressful enough with limited staff. Because of checked baggage fees, more and more people are becoming less inclined to check a bag, which means flight attendants are spending more time making sure bags are correctly stored and if there’s not enough room, check your bag anyway. In the meantime, they are also making sure everyone is properly seated and performing safety checks so that flights take off on time.

So what are your options, besides just checking your bag (which some say is worth the fee regardless)? TikToker Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant for six years, posted her best tips for flying with a carry-on. First, try to lift your luggage over your head at home before your flight. If it’s too heavy, consider leaving some stuff at home. If it’s a brief trip, consider packing even smaller with a pilot’s bag that will fit under the seat. Also, most airlines have placards in the overhead bins that tell you how to put up your luggage. You can also ask your fellow passengers for help. And while a flight attendant may not be able to pick up your bag and put it in the bin for you, they can offer some extra support to assist you.

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So the next time you bring a carry-on to fly, do your part to help takeoff go smoothly.

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