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Win One Million JetBlue Points and Travel All Over the Americas

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by Eben Diskin Mar 13, 2019

The Points Guy is partnering with JetBlue to get you to live a life of dreamy travels and help those in need, all in one neat package.

Here’s the deal. All you need to do is donate a minimum of $10 to the Kelly Gang, a New York City-based charity that raises money to support a new organization each year, and you’ll have a chance of winning one million JetBlue points — $13,000 worth of airline points, according to Outside. The winner will also receive a trip to New York City with free hotel and airfare, to consult with Brian Kelly (the famous “Points Guy”), about how best to spend your winnings.

To enter, just donate at least $10 via Prizeo. $10 earns you 100 entries, $75 earns you 750 entries, and $2,500 gets you 2,500 entries plus a half-hour Skype session with Kelly to discuss airfare strategies. This year’s recipient of the donations is the Cristo Rey New York High School, a Catholic school that provides low-income students with affordable, college prep education and work experience.

You’ll have nearly endless options to choose from if you do win the contest, so make sure you take your time to consider how to spend your points. According to The Points Guy for Outside, a million points could potentially equal as many as 500 domestic one-way trips, or a dozen international round-trips. Either way, figuring out how to wisely spend one million points isn’t a bad problem to have.

H/T: Outside

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