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Woman Removed From Plane for Refusing to Watch Safety Video

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by Eben Diskin May 8, 2019

Many airplane passengers are guilty of not paying too much attention to the safety video, card, and demonstration on airplanes before takeoff — an act of obliviousness that apparently can cost you big.

A woman sitting in an exit row on an Air New Zealand flight from Wellington actively refused to watch the safety video, or read the instructional card, and was consequently removed from her flight.

Understanding safety instructions is always important, especially when you’re seated in an exit row since you are responsible for the lives of other passengers in the case of an emergency.

Described by other passengers as “wealthy-looking,” the woman ignored flight attendants’ many requests to listen to safety instructions.

According to one passenger, “The video started playing and the flight attendant held up the card, but the woman started looking down at her book. A flight attendant said very patiently, ‘Can you please watch what’s happening because this is the exit row.’ The flight attendant was super kind and kept asking her, but the woman put fingers in her ears.”

Despite the fact that the woman’s behavior was delaying the plane’s departure, and that other passengers asked her to pay attention, she blatantly ignored the requests. The pilot was eventually forced to return to the gate, where police removed the woman from the aircraft.

H/T: The Guardian

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