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Yankee Stadium Parking Lot to Be Transformed Into a Drive-In Festival Venue

New York City News
by Dayana Aleksandrova May 20, 2020

With live sporting events still on hold, Yankee Stadium, in New York City, is going to be put to different use this summer. Starting in July, the stadium’s parking lot will be transformed into a drive-in festival venue featuring concerts by local artists and movie screenings with a side-car dining service. The initiative, called Uptown Drive-In, is a new creative project by the MASC Hospitality Group — the organizer of the Bronx Night Market and the Bronx Beer Festival.

Scheduled to take place each weekend, Uptown Drive-In will feature interactive activities, raffles, games, and food stalls from local city vendors. The Friday event is being billed as a date-night experience, while events on Saturday and Sunday will celebrate family-friendly brunch.

“Since we were planning on having the Bronx Night Market, the Bronx Beer Festival and Uptown Epicure Festival running this summer, which was supposed to start in May, we already had a lot of great options available. Everyone is so excited about the possibility of connecting sooner [at this new experience] than initially planned,” MASK Hospitality Group’s Marco Shalma told Time Out.

Sharma stressed that tickets for the event will be affordable in order to be as accessible as possible to all. A portion of tickets will also be given away through online raffles. While the official dates have not been announced yet, you can register here for the waitlist.

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