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Yayoi Kusama Returns To London With Breathtaking Art Exhibit

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Eben Diskin
Jul 16, 2018

Yayoi Kusama, the 90-year-old artist who graced London with her Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibit a few years ago, is still kicking and as prolific as ever. On October 3rd, the Victoria Miro gallery in London will unveil their 12th Yayoi Kusama show. Kusama has produced a brand new, large-scale Infinity Mirror Room (a room where her art pieces are endlessly reflected by mirrors, in case you were wondering) just for this exhibit. According to Dazed, “The Infinity Mirror Room will encase gallery visitors in a large mirrored room with paper lanterns covered in polka dots hanging from the ceiling.”

Yayoi Kusama Gleaming Lights of the Souls Infinity Mirror Room

Photo: ephst/Shutterstock

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Infinity Room

Photo: ephst/Shutterstock

In addition to the new Infinity Mirror Room, visitors will also be treated to paintings, pumpkin (the artist’s iconic motif alongside the polka dots) and flower sculptures, and work from her My Eternal Soul collection. This might be Kusama’s newest exhibit, but it’s not the only Kusama installation in London. One week before the new Victoria Miro exhibition, her Narcissus Garden will be displayed at the Hayward Gallery. This piece is composed of over 1,300 mirrored orbs, and has been touring the world for over 50 years. This exhibit will be open from September 26th, meaning you could make a day of it — see Narcissus Garden and the new Yayoi Kusama show at Victoria Miro on the same day. Kusama will also contribute a permanent art installation to Liverpool Street station as part of the Crossrail Art program. So, for a 90-year-old woman, she’s certainly not lacking in activity.

A visitor looking at one of Yayoi Kusama's exhibit

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The Yayoi Kusama show will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday to Saturday, with Monday viewings by appointment only. Admission to the gallery is free.

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