Yosemite National Park receives more than 3.5 million visitors every year, but most stay within the seven-square-mile Yosemite Valley. Once you've glimpsed the intimidating mass of El Capitan and Half Dome, escape the crowds and explore one of the park's wilderness areas.
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Yosemite Is Reopening to Visitors Today After Closing Due to Hazardous Wildfire Smoke

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by Eben Diskin Sep 25, 2020

Yosemite National Park is reopening on Friday, September 25, just in time for National Public Lands Day on Saturday, September 26. The park closed on September 17 due to the effects of hazardous smoke from the Califorrnia wildfires, but now park officials have determined the area is once again safe to visit.

Guests will be allowed to enter Yosemite starting Friday at 9:00 AM, though only some visitor services — like campsites — will be available. The rest will reopen over the course of the weekend.

Yosemite isn’t the only park that closed during the wildfires. A total of 34 parks in California closed, though many of these parks have since reopened. Most tragic among these, Big Basin Redwoods State Park announced earlier that it would stay closed for 12 months after the park’s headquarters, ranger station, nature museum, gatehouse, campground bathrooms, and several park residences were destroyed by fires.

Yosemite’s reopening comes just in time for National Public Lands Day, an annual holiday where all US national parks offer free entry. Given the fortuitous timing, this weekend might be the perfect time to take a trip to Yosemite.

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