Museums are traditionally regarded as hubs of culture, art, or history, and taken relatively seriously. The Museum of Hangovers, however, is geared toward those looking for a more lighthearted museum experience, where you can leave the “stop, stare, think, and nod” tactic at home. Recently opened in Zagreb, Croatia, the museum might not appeal to our more sophisticated tastes, but it does evoke a feeling most of us know quite well — the drunken walk home from a bar, and the painful lethargy of the next day.

With rooms resembling graffiti-lined streets, rows of storefronts, a park-like room, and finally a bedroom, the museum recreates a hazy, drunken walk home from the bar. Visitors will be make this walk while wearing beer goggles, which will impair their vision. On their way to the bedroom, museum-goers will also navigate through exhibits of funny stories and strange objects people have actually discovered the day after their drunken shenanigans. There’s a chalkboard where visitors are encouraged to complete the sentence “I woke up with…” The answers currently on the board include: “snakes,” “one eye,” and the all-too-common “my ex.”

The visit to this unique museum ends with a round of famous drinking game Drinkopoly, and shot of Croatian rakija.

Some are criticizing the museum for glorifying alcohol abuse. Features like the drunk driving simulator, and the gift shop stocked with alcohol-themed merchandise, are especially drawing fire for making light of excess alcohol consumption. Psychiatrist Gail Saltz told CBS, “It’s fine to drink in moderation, but that’s not what this museum is about. It makes it look appealing, it makes it look like it’s fun and hilarious and for young people especially, that’s going to be a big draw.”

Appropriately, tickets are about the cost of a cheap glass of beer — just $4.50 for adults. But if you can hit the bull’s eye of the museum’s dartboard while wearing beer goggles, you get in for free.

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