Have you discovered new sports/activities on this trip? If so, which were the ones you were surprised to have enjoyed (and where did you do them)?

Maybe not new activities but new experiences definitely. For example, sailing in small hoby cat with Sime Stipanicev, the first Croatian who solo-crossed the Atlantic in the MiniTransat race. That was something very special.

Mountain Biking in Croatia Photo: LUKA TAMBACA

Or discovering new mountain bike skills I didn’t know I had with cyclists from Rijeka on Mountain Ucka.

There are some new activities still waiting for me. Actually they are very old ones. I will have the opportunity to sail in an old, traditional Croatian sailing boat, called “bracera” and also to row in a traditional boat on River Neretva. I’m so looking forward to that.

What and where have been your favorite destinations thus far (individually and as a group)?

It is really hard to tell.

What I am absolutely certain of is that Croatia is the paradise for sea kayaking. Thousands of islands with
beautiful, clean, blue sea offer numerous possibilities for kayakers. The most magic place for kayaking is National Park Kornati. That was an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Velebit is the place for those who like trekking and wilderness. It is one of then rare wild places in Europe where you can still see bears, wolves and other wild animals in the wilderness.

There is Premuzic’s Trail, named after its constructor, Ante Premuzic, who built it in 1933. This masterpiece runs through the most hostile parts of the Northern Velebit National Park.

Sailing in Croatia / Photo: LUKA TAMBACA

By ending your trip on World Environment Day, what message(s) are you trying to put forth through your journey (if any)?

The finish-date changed to Friday, June 3, 2011 [from June 5, 2011] because of the arrival of Pope Benedict to Croatia and the big media and security mess.

Otherwise, we wanted to send a message about protecting the nature, namely, the message that Croatia will be valuable in the future as its nature stays clean and protected.

How do you plan on continuing these messages after this trip? What are your future plans individually and team-wise after this journey?

After we finish writing [WELCOME], the www.welcome.hr site will stay active. The idea is to make this site the central and the most credible place to get information about outdoor tourism in Croatia. We also plan to publish a book and a film about the project.

Feature Photo: LUKA TAMBACA

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