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10 Best Hangover Cures in Los Angeles

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by Danielle Dorsey Nov 23, 2015

1. Rick’s Drive In-n-Out, Breakfast burrito.

When you can’t bear the thought of human interaction beyond a drive-thru window and the idea of traditional fast food makes your stomach churn, stop off at this Silverlake diner-turned­-drive­-thru. Order a breakfast burrito, expect to be full until nightfall, and like the name says, drive in and out, back to your warm bed where you can gorge in peace with the blinds shut.

2. Eggslut


Getting slutty on #nationalsandwichday

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The Gaucho is a decadent, melt-­in-­your-­mouth breakfast of hangover champions. You survived one hell of a night. You deserve to treat yourself to some juicy tri­tip smothered in tangy chimichurri sauce, topped off with an over medium egg and arugula, all sandwiched between a warm brioche bun. Afterwards, you just might feel up to exploring one of the many weekend flea markets downtown.

3. The Escondite, Captain Kangaroo burger.

With a weekend brunch that extends until 5pm, divey sports bar The Escondite is the perfect place to go for a little hair of the dog following your night out. The Captain Kangaroo is a beast of a burger, with a 6 oz ground beef patty, hash brown cake, fried egg, cheddar cheese, gravy and cholula, crushed between two super­soft buns. Wash it all down with a draft beer, I suggest the Velvet Glove Imperial Stout.

4. In­n­Out, Double double animal style with animal style fries.


This list would be remiss without California staple In­n­Out. I happen to know the chain opens at 10am, and its employees have seen far too many Saturday stragglers in shades to judge you for your morning indulgence. The best part? If you arrive around opening, you won’t have to deal with a line, which often wraps around the block during lunch and dinner hours.

5. Huckleberry, Green Eggs and Ham.

Huckleberry’s inventive take on Dr. Seuss’s creation is guaranteed to thrill your taste buds, with drizzled pesto and arugula providing the green, and thinly sliced prosciutto substituted in place of ham. It’s all served over eggs your way on an english muffin. By the end of your meal, you’ll be singing a different tune to Sam­I­Am!

6. Sunny Spot, ­Muh­F’k’n Mofongo and Eggs.


Muh-fk’n mofongo and eggs. Muh-fk’n bottomless brunch on Fridays. 📷: @daily.dankness

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Roy Choi’s Sunny Spot puts a Caribbean spin on brunch, and their muh f’k’n mofongo and eggs is a deliciously spicy, stewy mess served with two eggs any style, mashed plantains, applewood bacon fennel, garlic, chili vinegar, and ginger oil. Come with friends and indulge in some bottomless rum punch for $17. Pro­tip: make a reservation and skip the hour wait.

7. Free Range LA, Honey sriracha free range fried chicken biscuit.

The #ChickenGawds have come down to us and they brought honey sriracha fried chicken & egg biscuit sandwiches with them 🙌🐓🙏 #freerangeLA

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When you’re determined not to let a hangover steal your Sunday, head on down to the Melrose Trading Post, and in between shopping for vintage duds, stop by the food court and visit Free Range LA’s food truck. They’ve got an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, but the honey sriracha free range fried chicken biscuit is the move. It’ll put a pep in your step and give you the energy to haggle down those prices.

8 Juice Served Here, Charcoal Lemonade.


For those mornings when you need to refuel, but the thought of actual food turns your stomach, stop by one of Juice Served Here’s locations and order a charcoal lemonade. The alkaline water, raw sugar cane juice, lemon, montmorillonite clay, and activated charcoal may sound a little suspicious, but will successfully remove the toxins from your liver and bloodstream so that soon enough you’ll be feeling ready to consume solids again.

9. Homestate, ­Breakfast tacos.

Bird’s-Eye Brunch. Phones, Friends, Migas, Queso, Breakfast Tacos & Coffee. 📷: @alliedinielli #ilovebreakfasttacos

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Los Feliz’s latest Tex­Mex staple proudly proclaims I Love Breakfast Tacos in a marquee on their front window, a winning endorsement for a hangover cure if I ever saw one. At $3.50 a piece, and with fresh tortillas made on site, Homestate’s breakfast tacos are much heartier than your typical street tacos, but cheap enough to allow you to sample a variety of their offerings.

10. CiCi’s Cafe, ­Green Tea Tiramisu Pancakes.


Banana (and Oreo) pancakes – pretending like it’s the weekend now 🍌

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The fact that CiCi’s Cafe is deep in the backcountry we call the Valley (Tarzana, to be exact), but still overflows with patrons on both weekdays and weekends, should be evidence enough that their brunch selection is top-­notch. Take a peek at the menu before you arrive, as they boast countless types of pancakes and french toast. Few are as highly acclaimed as their green tea tiramisu pancakes, which balances out the sweetness of the tiramisu and whipped cream with subtle green tea flavors.

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