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10 of the Best Spots in LA to Grab a Beer

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by Joshywashington Nov 1, 2016

South LA has a cluster of awesome breweries (Smog City, Three Weavers, Monkish), DTLA’s Arts District rocks the graffiti-festooned Angel City, and Golden Road Brewing holds down the fort in Glendale (just off my favorite bike path). In between a thousand bars with a million taps pour pints all night.

Here are my 10 go-to spots in Los Angeles where a cold beer and a cool atmosphere is always waiting.

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Monkish Brewing Co.

 Monkish Brewing Co.Torrance, United StatesWhat’s better than amazing craft beer served 20 feet from the tank it was brewed in? Nothing.
Monkish is one of several awesome breweries in South LA that welcomes visitors with pints and grub. Expect big crowds and standing room only on weekends. You’ve been warned! #cheap-eats #beer #brewery #losangeles

Golden Road Brewing

 Golden Road BrewingLos Angeles, United StatesGolden Road Brewing’s HQ is an enormous, welcoming space that is always alive with the clatter of beer swilling and burger noshing revelry! A fave for locals and cyclists as the brewery is close to bike paths. #beer #brewery #cheap-eats

Angel City Brewery

 Angel City BreweryLos Angeles, United StatesRight across the street from the Metro Bike Share station, Angel City Brewery is an awesome place to grab a burger and pint. The brick building is huge and covered in colorful murals and the space inside is huge. They’re often food trucks pulled right up to the building and the place is usually busy. Definitely a Highpoint of any DTLA adventure. #beer #brewery #food #casual

Surly Goat

 Surly GoatWest Hollywood, United StatesI could name 99 things I love about Surly Goat; the amazing rotation of beers, the caged-in tables looking over Santa Monica Blvd, the street fighter arcade machine…ok, maybe I can only name 3 things, but those are 3 really awesome reasons to love the Surly Goat. That and the stuffed goat head. #beer #westhollywood #bar

Smog City

 Smog CityTorrance, United StatesHaving a pint in the open warehouse space next to towering stainless steel brewing equipment at Smog City should be on every beer lovers itinerary making brewery tastings in South LA. The only time I’ve been to Smog City it was incredibly busy so be prepared for a jolly crowd! #beer #brewery #cheap-eats

Sunset Beer

 Sunset BeerLos Angeles, United StatesPart craft beer store, part bar, Sunset Beer is my new favorite spot to meet for a brew. Buy any bottle ($1.50 – $20) and drink it on site for a $2 ‘corkage’ fee or show up for happy hour from 4-7pm for no corkage. Super chill but gets really full. Come thirsty and leave happy. #beer

Three Weavers Brewing Company

 Three Weavers Brewing CompanyInglewood, United StatesThis place is straight up cozy and awesomely low key. It always feels like a gathering of friends, because it is! Three Weavers serves their collection of beers in a big, open, light-filled warehouse accented by wooden picnic tables and a deck. #beer #brewery

The Greyhound Bar & Grill

 The Greyhound Bar & GrillLos Angeles, United StatesOne of my favorite neighborhood spots, especially for happy hour. Has everything I need in a local hangout: great food, quick and friendly service, and a variety of booze ranging from cheap and easy ($5 beer+shot) to microbrews on tap + whiskey worth sipping on. Bonus points for having HP sauce on hand. Excellent brussels sprouts.

Venice Whaler

 Venice WhalerLos Angeles, United StatesThe Venice Whaler is an excellent spot to watch a ball game, good drinks, and great food! Located right next to the Venice pier, the Whaler has an awesome roof top with unbeatable sunset views!

Moe’s Tavern

 Moe’s TavernUniversal City, United StatesIncredibly detailed reproduction of Moe’s in Springfield at Universal Studios. They even included a Flaming Moe on the menu (no booze in this one, but gratefully no cough syrup either). The good news: no open container law in this fake city… So grab a Duff on tap explore the rest of Springfield.

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