10 Food Experiences You Need to Have in Melbourne Before You Die

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by Nicolle White Feb 23, 2016

1. Eat Massive Wieners.

Not only do these guys have the best hot dog store name they also have the best hot dogs, and after a night of tearing up dance floors along Chapel Street, there’s no better place to go. Choose between a Little Pecker, Average Joe or Massive Weiner depending on how much of an appetite you’ve worked up dancing the night away.

2. Experience the food truck revolution in Thornbury.

On any given day in Melbourne, you can be assured that there is a delicious food truck nearby. In Thornbury, you can guarantee there are at least five. This permanent bar and food truck stop offers 40 different tasty trucks per month and the perfect atmosphere to kick back with friends and have a trucking awesome night.

3. Say Hola to your taste buds at Mamasita.

Sure the line goes out the door and you’ll have to stand awkwardly on the stairs for at least twenty minutes, but anything that keeps Melbournians standing still is bound to be worth the wait. Mamasita offers up one of Melbourne’s freshest and most original takes on Mexican food. While you’re bound to want to stuff your face with tostadas and tacos, be sure to save room for the sweet corn ice cream with salted caramel popcorn.

4. Get your money’s worth at Lentil As Anything.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of paying exactly what you feel something is worth, and that’s the exact mantra Lentil as Anything lives by. You won’t find any prices at this vegetarian chain restaurant, instead, you pay what you believe the meal is worth after eating your weight in curries, veggies and you guessed it, lentils.

5. Take that iconic Melbourne brunch shot at Top Paddock.

You’ve probably stumbled across these works of art hotcakes somewhere on Instagram. The famous blueberry and ricotta hotcakes covered with edible flowers, maple syrup and cream are almost shared as often as the word ‘Wanderlust’ scrawled across a map. Like all good Melbourne, brunch spots don’t expect to walk straight into Top Paddock, but you can enjoy one of the top notch coffees while you wait.

6. Messina and Chill.

If you’re going to get gelato, you want it to be from the best spot in Australia. Enter Gelato Messina. Not only do these guys know how to make a mean ‘cream, but they are also incredibly good at jumping on trends. Take for instance their Game of Cones flavours based on the highly pirated TV series, or their recent home delivery called “Messina and Chill”. These guys are almost as creative as they are delicious.

7. Dig into Doughboys Donuts.

Once upon a time, it was cupcakes that were the hippest little baked good to have in your hand, but donuts have officially taken over bakery trend scene and Doughboys definitely live up to the hype. With flavours like Key Lime Pie, Earl Grey with Crushed Raspberry and Maple Bacon on rotation, there’s always an excuse to go back and try the next flavour.

8. Take in the Market Magic.

It’s hard to talk about Melbourne food experiences without giving a nod to the Queen Vic Market. With over 1000 stalls, the market is the perfect place to experience just how diverse Melbourne’s food culture is. In summer watch as the markets come to life on Wednesday nights with bands, food stalls and bars.

9. Sit back and take in the view at Naked for Satan.

As in most cities, you’re hard pressed to find a view of Melbourne’s stunning skyline that isn’t jam packed with tourists snapping shots. But at Naked for Satan you can sit back and let the view wash over you as you wash down tapas with one of their 22 infused vodka flavors. We highly recommend pairing the guacamole with tomato and pine nuts with a chili infused vodka for a flavor explosion.

10. Visit the Ponyfish Island.

Locations just don’t get much better than this. Perched literally on the Yarra River under a bridge, this bar and restaurant is a prime spot for a summer afternoon and taking in the iconic Flinders Street Station.

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