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10 Spots That Prove Austria Is as Spectacular as You Think It Is

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by Carmen Huter Nov 14, 2016

Alpine tradition and the great outdoors mark one half of Austria’s quintessential image. The other half — and almost antidotal to my homeland’s rural beauty — is its grand, liveable cities. As a whole, it’s as spectacular as you can get.

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Naschmarkt, Vienna

When in Vienna, stock up on fresh produce before grabbing lunch at Neni.

 NaschmarktWien, AustriaViennese shopping at its best 🍒


Keep your eyes peeled for marmots as you near the country’s highest mountain.

 Großglockner, Austriahomeland explorations 🏔

Schlegeis , Ziller Valley

Tucked away in the Ziller Valley, Schlegeis and a walk up Olperer Hut make for an ideal day trip before heading over to Aqua Dome (one of Europe’s best spas) or Innsbruck (Tyrol’s capital city).

 SchlegeisSchwaz, AustriaOh Tyrol, you beauty! Practising my jodel skills in the mountains earlier this year.


Beat the crowds and go for an early morning stroll through Innsbruck’s old town. As you near the Inn river with its colourful townhouses facing you, head left and grab a snack at the farmer’s markets (weekends only).

 AltstadtAltstadt, Austriahomeland.

Krimml Waterfalls

With a total height of 380m, the Krimmler Wasserfälle make for Europe’s largest waterfalls. There are three stages (the photo shows stage 1) to the 4km waterfall trail. (Open from April to October.)

 Krimml WaterfallsZell am See, Austria“The wild places are where we began. If they end, so do we.”


A visit to Vienna is incomplete without a handful of strolls at the many museums. Start with a browse through the Albertina before continuing on to Museums Quartier.

 AlbertinaVienna, AustriaMuseum browsing with my favourites, from Picasso to Monet


Easily accessible from Salzburg, a trip to the world’s largest ice cave is worth the roadside views alone. Book your tickets online and pack plenty of warm clothing.

 EisriesenweltWerfen, Austriaroadside scenery en route to the world’s largest ice cave

Hallstätter See

Thanks to — admittedly, well deserved — social media fame, the days of quaint village life on Hallstaetter See are becoming rare. Come for sunrise.

 Hallstätter SeeHallstatt, Austriafirst light

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Salzburg is much more than Mozart and Sound of Music. Head up to Festung Hohensalzburg for a different perspective.

 Fortress HohensalzburgSalzburg, AustriaFun fact: most Austrians don’t know about Sound of Music

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Soaring mountains and hearty meals make for an ideal end to this epic journey across Austria.

 Grossglockner High Alpine Road, AustriaAustria in a nutshell

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