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Most of us were first introduced to Austria by the singing Von Trapp family and their quirky nanny.

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But there’s a lot more to this mountainous country than the backdrop to The Sound of Music. If you’re looking to explore Vienna, one of the world’s culture capitals and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, check out our travel guide to Vienna, which’ll tip you to its best restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, and historic sites.

Outside the capital, you’ll find majestic lakeside villages — though some have become Instagram hotspots, others are still undiscovered. You can also escape into any number of wellness resorts and spas in the Alps, as well as into the corridors and tunnels of medieval architecture at every turn. While nobody’s calling Austria a budget destination, it’s still not as hard on your wallet as some other places in Europe. And it can make for a perfect hiking vacation, even if you’re not singing the entire time.


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