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Austria’s ‘Grand Canyon of Tyrol’ Has the Most Insanely Blue Waters

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by Matador Creators Feb 27, 2023

Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is in Arizona, but you might not know that there’s a valley in Austria nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Tyrol. Its official name is Vomper Loch —
the German word “loch” translates to “hole” in English — and it’s found in the Karwendel Mountains in the Austrian state of Tyrol. The largest range in the Northern Limestone Alps, the Karwendel is formidable everywhere, but Vomper Loch is one of its most unspoiled corners.

At the heart of Vomper Loch is a gorge that runs for roughly 10 miles beneath rock tall rock walls. The whole valley serves a venue for a variety of outdoor recreation, from hiking and biking to cliff jumping and rock climbing. The prettiest views show off the Jolly Rancher blue water that runs along the base of the gorge.

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How to get to Vomper Loch

Vomper Loch isn’t exactly developed, so the best way to reach the valley is on foot. Some hiking trails start in the high-plateau village of Vomp, but there’s a less steep route that departs from the village of Vomperbach and takes you straight to the water. Alternatively, you could access Vomper Loch from the village of Terfens. The most popular hike here, which doubles as a mountain bike trail, passes the landmark Ganalm hut on the way via the town of Umlberg. Perfect for families, this is one of the easiest trails to take to get to Vomper Loch, and the GAnalm hut serves food and drink from May through October.

Not that while the video above features someone swimming in Vomper Loch, it’s unclear whether or not it’s allowed. Some sources say swimming is prohibited, so you’ll want to double check that it’s permitted before planning a water-based outing to Vomper Loch. Either way, that water is still to-die-for from afar.

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