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These Trains Take You From Prague to 2023’s Best City to Live In

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by Morgane Croissant Jul 25, 2023

It’s incredibly easy to visit most of Europe by train. You can go from Edinburgh to London in just a few hours by high-speed train; travel from London to Amsterdam, Paris, or Brussels via the world’s longest underwater tunnel in a flash; and branch out from there to just about anywhere on the continent: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy — you name it. If you’ve made it all the way to the beautiful city of Prague by train (via Berlin, maybe?), don’t stop your rail travels just yet — you can zip from there to Vienna, voted the world’s most liveable city for several years in a row. There are plenty of Prague to Vienna trains to keep you on the move.

Is there a direct train to go from Prague to Vienna?

There are multiple direct trains traveling between Prague’s main train station and Vienna’s central station daily, starting at around 6 AM and until around 7 PM.

Trains and operators traveling between Prague and Vienna:

  • Railjet trains (Railjet is a partnership between the Czech and the Austrian national railway companies, ČD and ÖBB. Railjet trains can be blue or red)
  • ÖBB’s Intercity “D” train
  • Regiojet trains (Regiojet is a private rail operator)

Note that most trains on this route travel between Prague’s main train station (AKA Praha hlavní nádraží or Praha h.n) and Vienna’s central station (AKA Vienna Hauptbahnhof), but that ÖBB Intercity “D” trains arrive in/depart from Vienna’s Franz-Josefs train station. Be mindful of your departure and arrival stations upon booking.

Is there a high-speed train between Prague and Vienna?

Railjet trains, operated jointly by the Czech and the Austrian national railway companies, are high-speed trains that can reach a speed of 143 miles per hour. Railjet is, according to ÖBB, the national Austrian railway operator, “the most modern high-speed train in ÖBB’s fleet.” Railjet trains operate daily between the two cities.

What is the difference between Regiojet and Railjet?

Regiojet is a private rail operator running trains in Western, central, and Easter, Europe. Railjet is a type of high-speed trains operated by ÖBB, the Austrian railway company.

How much does it cost to take the train from Prague to Vienna? What is the cheapest way to get to Vienna from Prague?

The cost of riding the train between Prague and Vienna depends on several factors, including the operator you opt for, the class of service you choose, the level of flexibility you want for your booking, and the demand at time of booking.

Cost of riding the train from Prague to Vienna with Railjet

The lowest fare on the Railjet trains from Prague to Vienna is $15.50 (14,30 €).

There are three classes of service available on Railjet trains: Economy Class, First Class, and Business Class, all of which have different price points. Railjet trains offer free WiFi, on-board entertainment, an on-board restaurant, as well as zones for quiet travelers and families.

Cost of riding the train from Prague to Vienna with Regiojet

The lowest fare on Regiojet trains from Prague to Vienna is $13.75 (12,40 €).

Regiojet trains offer four classes of service on that route: Low-Cost, Standard, Relax, and Business, all of which provide different levels of comfort/service at different price points.

Note that Regiojet also operates buses for that route. If you want to travel by train and not by bus, be very careful upon booking.

Cost of riding the train from Prague to Vienna with ÖBB

The lowest fare on ÖBB’s Intercity “D” trains from Prague to Vienna is $15.50 (14,30 €).

ÖBB’s Intercity “D” trains only run once per day from Prague to Vienna and arrive at Vienna’s Franz-Josefs train station NOT Vienna Hauptbahnhof. ÖBB’s Intercity “D” trains have two classes of service: First and Second class, consisting of open cars as well as compartment cars (including a women’s compartment for women traveling alone, a breastfeeding compartment, and a compartment for children).

Is the train from Prague to Vienna nice?

All the train operators on the Prague-to-Vienna route offer reliable service and comfortable rides. The videos below will give you thorough descriptions of what it’s like to travel with Railjet and Regiojet in order to help you decide which operator you prefer.



How long is the train journey from Prague to Vienna? What is the fastest train from Prague to Vienna?

The journey by train between Prague and Vienna ranges from about four hours with Railjet and Regiojet to around five hours on ÖBB’s Intercity “D” Train.

Is Prague to Vienna by train scenic?

A Railjet train in Austria

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There are some scenic sections on the route between Prague and Vienna as the train runs through rural areas, along fields and stretches of river, but it’s nothing to write home about. Watch the videos above to see what the landscape along the route looks like.

How many days in Vienna is enough?

Spending three days in Vienna is ideal if you want a quick overview of the city. In three days, you’ll start to understand why the city is voted the most liveable city in the world year after year, and you’ll get to see the main sights without feeling too rushed. Focus on the Innere Stadt district, the core of Vienna, where you’ll see the iconic Hofburg, the former Imperial Palace that’s now the official seat of the Austrian head of state; the Opera House where you can catch a show; the massive St. Charles’s Church, and The MuseumsQuartier (MQ) a huge area where you’ll find a variety of museums, restaurants, cafés, and stores. Between cultural visits, make sure to visit as many Viennese cafés as possible and indulge in as many slices of sachertortes as you deem sufficient — it’s just as culturally important as seeing Klimt’s “The Kiss” at the Belvedere Museum.

Where to stay in Prague and Vienna to be near the train stations?

For luxury hotels, check out Matador’s selection of the most luxurious historical hotels in Prague. If it’s a place to stay in Vienna you’re after, give Matador’s favorite Viennese Airbnbs and iconic hotels a read.

We hope you love the hotels we recommend! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

Best hotel near Prague’s main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží): MeetMe23– Hotel

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Photo: Expedia

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MeetMe23 — Hotel is a three-star property located only four minutes on foot from Prague’s main train station. Don’t let the 19th-century Neo-Renaissance building fool you, inside MeetMe23 is as contemporary as can be, with quirky modern art pieces everywhere you look, and a colorful, sleek, and trendy decor that creates a playful atmosphere. There is a large variety of rooms on offer, meant to fit every need and budget, from a solo traveler room with a single twin bed to a rooftop apartment for four guests. There is a restaurant-bar on site that offers a large array of Czech beers, as well as a library for those who need a quiet place to read.

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Best hotel near Vienna’s central station (Vienna Hauptbahnhof): MOOONS

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Located only four minutes on foot from Vienna Hauptbahnhof, MOOONS is a four-star boutique hotel of 170 rooms. A beautifully designed and decorated property, from the unique facade to the sleek rooms with round windows, MOOONS stands out from other accommodation options with its modern and fun vibe. The views from the rooms are spectacular, especially when taken in from the smart window seats that fit right into the porthole-like windows. The hotel also offers MOONS Upper Space, i.e. larger rooms located under the property’s roof and fitted with floor to ceiling windows for even better vistas. There is a bar, a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a seasonal rooftop terrace where guests (and outsiders) can enjoy evening drinks.

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