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This High-Speed Train Between Paris and Barcelona Takes You Through the Best of Southern France

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by Morgane Croissant Mar 8, 2023

From Paris, you can travel to most of Western Europe without every having to step inside an airport. Paris’ six busy train stations are the departure points for high-speed trains to London, Amsterdam, several cities in Italy, and Zurich, making travel in this part of the world a lot more relaxing, and often, much cheaper than flying. And if it’s Spain you want to travel to, there’s a direct, high-speed train from Paris to Barcelona, too. Once you’re done with the Eiffel Tower, hop into this train and make your way to La Sagrada Família in just a few hours.

Is there a high-speed train from Paris to Barcelona?

The TGV InOui, the high-speed train that runs between Paris and Barcelona

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There are up to three daily direct TGVs InOui between Paris Gare de Lyon and Barcelona Sants.

The term “TGV” is an acronym meaning “Train à Grande Vitesse”, or high-speed train. TGVs InOui are a little more modern than regular TGVs with an electrical outlet for every seat, unlimited WiFi on board, a café-bar car selling a larger variety of food and beverages, etc.

Taking the high-speed train between Paris and Barcelona is a popular option, so book your ticket in advance if you can to get the best price and the best seats.

Is it better to fly or take the train from Paris to Barcelona?

Choosing between taking the train or flying between between Paris and Barcelona is more of a personal preference than a no-brainer.

There are up to three daily direct, high-speed train between Paris and Barcelona and the trip takes 6.5 hours, whereas there are many flights from Paris to Barcelona daily and they take one hour and 45 minutes. Of course, knowing that you need to make your way to Charles de Gaulle Airport that’s located about one hour by train from the center of Paris, and that you need to be at the airport two hours prior to your international flight, choosing the train may be the most convenient and stress-free option. But it all depends on your schedule.

As far as price is concerned, to score a deal on your train ticket, you need to book your journey in advance on the website French railway company SNCF. Airlines (low-cost or otherwise) might offer prices that are in par with you might see on the SNCF booking system.

In terms of comfort, the seats and offerings on the TGV InOui beats what you’ll get in an airplane, but the trip is much longer.

Taking the train is the greener option of the two, with a much smaller carbon footprint than flying. By riding the train you emit 65 times less carbon dioxide than if you were to take the same journey by plane, the SNCF reports.

How much is the train ride from Paris to Barcelona?

Seats inside the TGV InOui, the high-speed train that runs between Paris and Barcelona

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The fare for a one-way, direct, high-speed train journey between Paris and Barcelona depends on your dates of travel and the class of service you want, starting at only $41.15 (39 €) in second class.

The TGV InOui between Paris and Barcelona has two classes of service: Second class and Fist class.

  • Second class: Adjustable seats, adjustable tray table, one electrical outlet per seat, unlimited WiFi, individual lights, access to the café-bar car. Second-class cars have two seating configurations: side-by-side seats and two seats facing each other.
  • First class: Larger and more comfortable, adjustable seats, adjustable tray table, one electrical outlet per seat, Unlimited WiFi, individual lights, access to the café-bar car. First-class cars have three seating configurations: individual seats, side-by-side seats, and two seats facing each other.

Note that the higher the class, the better the exchange and refund conditions.

On the TGV InOui, there is no limit on the amount of luggage you can bring with you or the weight of your luggage. That said, your luggage can’t be any more than 51.1 inches in height and 35.4 inches in width. You can also take your skis, musical instrument, surf board, and more on board without any extra charge.

Is the Paris to Barcelona train scenic?

The Paris to Barcelona train journey is one that allows passengers to take in the beauty of the French and Spanish countryside, including the superb Rhône Valley. The TGV InOui between Paris and Barcelona rides along the Meditarrenan coast and the Pyrenées, and stops in the following cities: Valence, Nîmes, Montpellier, Sète, Agde, Béziers, Narbonne, Perpignan, Figueras, and Gérone.

Some TGVs InOui are double-decker trains. For the best views, choose the upper deck and a seat by a window.

How long is the train ride from Barcelona to Paris?

The high-speed, direct train between Paris and Barcelona takes 6.5 hours to reach its destination.

Where to stay in Barcelona to be near Barcelona Sants train station

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