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These Trains Take You From Berlin to Prague Through Peaceful Countryside

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by Morgane Croissant Jul 14, 2023

It’s easy to zoom around western Europe by train. The rail network covers just about every nook and cranny of this part of the world, making flying almost entirely irrelevant. You can get from London to Amsterdam, Paris to Zurich, Rome to Venice, Lisbon to Porto, and across the entire country of Ireland in a flash and for little money. And you can venture into Central and Eastern Europe just as easily, starting by getting from one must-see capital city, Berlin, Germany, into another, Prague, Czech Republic.

How long is the high-speed train from Berlin to Prague?

Railjet trains, operated by ÖBB, the national Austrian rail operator, in collaboration with České dráhy, the national Czech railway company, are high-speed trains that run between Berlin and Prague. The journey takes around four hours and 15 minutes.

Are there direct trains from Berlin to Prague?

EuroCity train

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The most frequent direct trains from Berlin to Prague are EuroCity (EC) trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, the national German railway company, and České dráhy, the Czech national railway. These trains run multiple times daily from around 6 AM to 5 PM and take between four hours and 35 minutes and four hours and 45 minutes to complete the journey.

You can also opt to take the less-frequent, high-speed Railjet train mentioned above.

Whatever you choose, the length of the journey remain the same (around 4.5 hours) and there’s no significant price difference. You can consult the schedule and prices for both options on Deutsche Bahn’s booking system.

Is the train from Berlin to Prague scenic?

The journey by train between Berlin and Prague is quite beautiful. To see the spectacular scenery, make sure you sit on the left-hand side of the train on the way from Germany to the Czech Republic, and on the right-hand side on the reserve route. The train runs along the Elbe and Vlatava rivers for long stretches of the journey, and go through green and peaceful countryside. Keep your eyes peeled for the pretty cities where the train stops along the way, including in Bad Schandau (in Germany), and Decin (in the Czech Republic).

How much does it cost to take the train from Berlin to Prague?

The price of the journey by EuroCity or Railjet train from Berlin to Prague starts at $33.60 (29.90 €) for a Second-Class seat, the lowest level of flexibility, and no extras. The price increases by a minimum of $10.10 (9 €) if you opt for a First-Class ticket. If you want more flexibility, and if you wish to take advantage of some the perks offered, it’ll cost you between $3.40 (3 €) and upwards of $78.65 (70 €) more.

Some of perks offered with your booking include a City-Ticket, i.e. a free ride on public transport to and from the departing and arriving train stations; the possibility to pick whatever train on the schedule suits you best; and an assigned seat.

First Class on EuroCity and Railjet trains is usually more quiet than Second Class, and the seats are bigger, and provide more space for passengers with individual seats available.

No matter what class of service you opt for, both EuroCity and Railjet trains have air conditioning, free WiFi, power outlets at every seat, and restaurant cars. There’s also no luggage fee or restriction.

Are three days enough to see Prague?

In three days, you’d get a good feel for the capital city of the Czech Republic, see the highlights, and even make a few unexpected discoveries. Start with the very scenic Charles Bridge over the Vlatava river and make your way east to Old Town where you’ll get to see the famous astronomical clock, the Church of Our Lady before Týn, and the Powder Gate Tower. For something a little different, pay the municipal library of Prague (also in Old Town) a quick visit and check out the dizzying art installation made of 8,000 books that’s been standing in the lobby since 1988. Of course, visitors cannot pass on a tour of Prague Castle located on the other side of the Vlatava river from Old Town. If you have time during your three-day stint, take a 20-minute walk south from Old Town to the New Town Hall where you can try out one of the most unique elevators in the world.

Is Prague more expensive than Berlin?

Based on the information from multiple sources (Cost of life, Expatistan, and Numbeo), the cost of living in Berlin is generally higher than that of Prague. That said, figures vary a lot from one source to another, making it quite difficult to pinpoint exactly how much more expensive Berlin is compared to Prague.

Can you do a day trip from Berlin to Prague?

Prague is not day-trip material, especially if you’re coming from as far as Berlin. No matter how you choose to get to Prague from Berlin, it’ll take around half a day — Berlin a four-plus-hour train ride, or a five-plus-hour drive, from Prague. Instead of rushing, plan to spend three days in Prague to get a good feel for the city.

Are trains in the Czech Republic good?

Trains stopped in the main train station in Prague where the Berlin to Prague train stops

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There are several train operators in the Czech Republic, reliably covering most of the country and even going further to neighboring nations:

  • České dráhy, the Czech railway company
  • Regiojet
  • Leo Express
  • GW Trains
  • Arriva
  • Where to stay in Berlin and Prague to be near the train stations

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    The best hotel near Berlin Hauptbahnhof: Hotel AMANO Grand Central

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    The best hotel near Praha hlavní nádraží: Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

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    Photo: Expedia

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    Located in Old Town, just four minutes on foot from Prague’s main train station, Praha hlavní nádraží, the Falkensteiner Hotel Prague is a four-star boutique hotel. The property was entirely renovated in 2022 and now presents a very chic interior that mixes contemporary design with a touch of art deco. If you like plants, this is the place for you as just about every corner of the property has been elevated by greenery. All 108 rooms have free WiFi, air conditioning, and a work space. Breakfast is included, and there is a restaurant-bar on site (the Monkey bar) where you can enjoy cocktails, bites, and a la carte meals. Don’t skip the a visit to the spa (sauna, steam room, gym, and treatments available for booking) or the partially covered terrace/urban garden where you can relax.

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