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15 Differences Between a Normal Traveler and a California Traveler

by Janelle Lassalle Jun 13, 2016

1. We always have our selfie game in mind.

While a regular traveler may disembark from a plane and eagerly snap a shot of their new surroundings, a Californian traveler will most likely be whipping out their selfie stick to document their #OOTD.

Anyone else: “Look at this beautiful place!”
Us: “Look at me in this beautiful place!”

2. We’re the ones constantly touching you.

Normal travelers might be wary of their personal space, but not us. We’ll pass on your firm handshake and go in for a hug instead.

3. We’re always pretty lost without a car.

A normal traveler will quickly acclimate to whatever public mode of transport is available whether it’s the bus, tube or train, while we frantically text everyone we know upon arrival asking if we can borrow their vehicle.

4. We pack for every occasion imaginable.

A normal traveler packs an appropriate amount for a trip, aka just enough to get by with without having to pay extra baggage fees. Our baggage is always comically overstuffed. It does come in handy when we need something to sit on, though.

5. It’s part of our inherent DNA to constantly search for avocados.

While a normal traveler is happy to eat avocados when they’re in season, we’re willing to go the extra mile to find it — no matter what time of year it is. Some of our efforts might come through, and some might leave us eating guac made from heavy cream.

6. We love our Snapchat.

While normal travelers are listening to music and reading, we’re snapping ourselves in the airport drinking coffee, our faces during take-off, what we’re doing during the actual flight, and our landing. At least.

7. Water is never just water.

The average traveler will take water in whatever form it’s served in, it gets the job done. Californians, on the other hand, are far more selective. If bottled water is the name of the game, then Voss is always preferable to Fiji; Aquafina is unacceptable, and anything without a name brand is eyed with a small degree of suspicion.

8. We couldn’t care less how long it takes to get through traffic.

A normal traveler might consider a half-hour wait in traffic to be too long. But traffic is so deeply ingrained into the lives of all Californians, that if we need to spend an hour in it, it’s really not a big deal.

9. We’re never prepared for the cold.

A common traveler heading out to cold-weather countries will pack accordingly. That means a sweater, coat and boots. We’ll just pack everything we own. Or we’ll just assume our destination is as sunny as CA and not pack anything warm at all.

10. We love to get comfy on a plane.

The average traveler shows up to the airport in anything from their PJs to a full-piece business suit and heels. We show up in yoga pants and Uggs. Always.

11. We require easy access to the coast, always.

Given our proximity to the ocean back home, we love being near water. The average traveler might head out to the coast to check out the beach every now and then, but a Californian traveler will make it a point to be as close as possible. Whether it’s a beach, river, or swimming hole, we need to swim in it.

12. We’re always going to seek out Mexican food.

No matter where we are. A normal traveler may or may not casually enjoy Mexican food, either way, they’re probably not going to search for it in Germany. We, however, probably will. We know our Mexican food extremely well, and we’re always enthusiastic burrito connoisseurs. Burritos are going to be the first thing we search for while hungover too, no matter where we find ourselves.

13. We’re always in flip-flops.

Regular travelers will wear any kind of shoe, and it’s generally going to be comfy and appropriate. We like to keep it comfy, too — but with flip-flops. To us, they’re always going to be the most acceptable footwear.

14. We’re always in pursuit of the perfect tan.

Most travelers will inadvertently just develop a great tan because they’ve been traveling so much. We never stop looking for great places to ‘lay out’ and get rid of our tan lines. If we’re lounging, we’re never in the shade.

15. We won’t go out in the rain.

On a deep level. Our reaction is always the same: “Oh my god it’s raining?! NOOO!” Since rain is so rare back home, complaining about it when it does show up is kind of a given for us. While other travelers will go out anyway, we’ll probably just curl up indoors with a steamy cup of chai.

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