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15 Instagrams of Our Favorite Places in Germany

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by Michael Bonocore Nov 8, 2015

Germany is known for beer and bratwurst, but the country of 80 million in western-central Europe is so much more. These 15 images show us the many other scenes that make up Germany.


Sebastian Bochum captured this image of a snowstorm overtaking the medieval Eltz Castle. The castle has been owned by the same family for 33 generations.



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The VagaBrothers are known for their wild adventures, like in this scene from the Bavarian Alps.


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Fog lifts over Hohenschwangau Castle, built in the 19th century in southern Germany.


A couple kisses in front of Ulm Minster, which is the tallest church in the world, measuring 161.5 meters high.


A German woodsaw mill rises from the ground in Spreewald, Germany.


In winter, lots of Germany can be covered in snow, like this road in Wierschem.


Cologne is the 4th largest city in Germany. The Cologne Cathedral is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, and can be easily accessed from the Hohenzollern Bridge.


The Reichstag Dome, built on top of the Reichstag building, lets viewers see a 360-degree view of the capital and its surrounding countryside. [/mn_slideshow_slide]


Lake Kochel, located at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, was formed during the ice age when the Loisach-Isar glacier dug into the ground and proceeded to melt when the temperature warmed.


Every September, 6 million beer lovers descend upon Munich for the 16-day event known around the world as Oktoberfest.


Schwabisch Hall is an old saltmakers town which has a river, the Kocher, running through it.


Oktoberfest isn’t only good for beer drinkers. The kids have plenty of entertainment while the parents taste some of the world’s finest ales.


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Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany, and recently was chosen as the German bid city for the 2024 Olympic Games.


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Built in the 17th century, Schlosspark Charlottenburg is the largest palace in the German capital of Berlin.


Reichenau Island in Lake Constance was declared a world heritage site in 2000. It is home to the well known monastery, the Abbey of Reichenau.

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