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18 Experiences You Need to Have in Puebla City Before You Die

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by Alejandra Rojas Mar 25, 2016
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Few cities offer a cool climate early in the morning, perfect for a hot cup of coffee, and then at midday the ideal temperature for an ice cold beer. The city of Puebla, two hours from Mexico City, is surrounded by the highest summits in Mexico including Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl, as well as La Malinche. The historical center of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site so there is plenty of culture to inhale whilst digging into some of the best food in Mexico.

1. Walk through the Xanenetla neighborhood and photograph 55 different murals representing the locals’ stories and dreams.

Foto: @gusluag (instagram y twitter)

Photo: @gusluag (instagram y twitter)

2. Ride a bike through Parque Lineal which will take you to El Jardín del Arte, La Estrella de Puebla, Eco Parque Metropolitano and Paseo del Río Atoyac. If you don’t have a bike then you can hike it instead. También toma fotos. 🚲

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3. For those sweet cravings visit La California and try some of the tasty paletas, flanes or gelatinas.

4. Do a cantinas tour. Don’t be afraid to try beverages with superstitious names like El Vampiro or El Charro Negro and take it easy with a subtle drink called La Pasita. Be sure to try the Sangria at La Terminal.

5. People say you can cure a hangover with chalupas…at the very least it’s a delicious snack to have before eating something more substantial. Find them in El Parián, outside churches on festive holidays, and in the evenings on street corners. If you prefer to sit down, try La Chiquita, a personal favorrite.

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6. When you’re ready for some pulque, head to La Generala Pulqueria. Various flavors are served in cacariza, chivo and tornillo glasses. Chocolate, tomato or guava combinations are prepared with this so-called “drink of the gods”.

7. Visit the Museo Amparo terrace for a great view of the city and its churches. On weekends, in the evening, you can see the churches lit up and there is live music.

8. Is it Monday and you need to get rid of that stress? Don’t worry, lucha libre at Arena Puebla is the perfect place to shout and learn Mexican slang whilst you devour a cemita.

Getting into the Lucha Libre spirit last night 🇲🇽

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9. Visit Los Fuertes de Loreto y Guadalupe and take in the 360 degree panoramic view. If you’re lucky you’ll see four giants.

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10. Drink a mojito at La Mina de Plata, a transit point for a tipple. With those prices maybe you should stay for two or three.

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11. Try Los Molletes de Santa Clara, a sweet bread stuffed with pastry cream with a glaze made of squash seed. ¡No solo de camotes vive el poblano!

12. Go to a Rekamara Teatro Íntimo performance where you are literally sitting next to the actors. Every year the International Theater Festival takes place in the city of Puebla.

13. Spend an afternoon watching independent films at La Capilla de Arte UDLAP or Cinearte Puebla.

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14. Annihilate some antojitos poblanos at one of the puestos on 5 poniente (close to the cathedral) and experience a real Mexican food coma.

15. If you like flea markets go to Barrio de Analco on Sunday and continue through to Los Sapos until you reach El Carolino.

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16. Experience Día de Muertos at the municipal cemetery.

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17. Discover a cozy place to read a book like Café Amadeus, if you like classical music, Café Biblioteca Profetica or Café Zaranda.

Sólo necesitas un buen libro y una taza de café para disfrutar de una tarde nublada en Profética. #Puebla

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18. Get scared on a Leyendas de Puebla tour.

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