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19 Reasons Hoboken Is the Most Underrated US City

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by Stephanie Vermillion Jun 23, 2016

1. Hoboken has more bars per capita than any other city in the US.

Anyone who’s visited Hoboken knows that weekends near the PATH station can get a little crazy. Within a quarter-mile radius, you have The Dubliner, Cadillac Cantina, Wicked Wolf, Scotland Yard, Hotel Victor and Room 84. For those coming off the uptown ferry, there’s City Bistro, Hudson Tavern, Madison’s, Bin 14 and Pier House — all within a five-minute walk. And of course, midtown and the back of Hoboken are also stocked with bars. Long story short? You never have to go far for a drink in the Mile Square City.

2. Hoboken is a great place to raise a family.

When I first looked at Hoboken apartments, my broker joked that there’s something in the water, because half the city’s pregnant. She may have overestimated the whole 50-percent-pregnant part, but she was right about one thing: New parents flock to Hoboken because it’s easy, safe and friendly. There are dozens of daycares, preschools, playgrounds and even yoga for kids at MiMi Yoga.

3. We’re pretty much all partiers.

You’ll find the new 21-year-olds raging at Texas Arizona and the first-time parents chilling at 25-and-up Madison’s. It really doesn’t matter where you go, Hoboken has a party scene for everyone and our people sure know how to make the most of it.

4. But we’re not the Jersey Shore.

Sure, Jersey may have gotten a bad rap for those MTV escapades, but Hoboken is no typical North Jersey city. We’re a photogenic and community-oriented town that fits hundreds of bars and restaurants into one square mile. That’s why we’re called the Mile Square City, duh.

5. Pier 13 all you’ll ever need.

During spring, summer and fall, the heaven that is Pier 13 draws Hobokenites in with craft beers, countless food trucks, and that one-of-a-kind big city backdrop. Did I mention beers are half price on Wednesdays? Because they are. Can I get an #ermahgerd?

6. Hoboken pride is city-wide.

Hoboken is more than brews and food though. It has a rich history that proud Hobokenites bring to life through pop-up Frank Sinatra concerts to honor the former Hoboken native, and the Hoboken Historical Museum, which recaps important history like the city’s role as an immigration port in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

7. Our golden hour is better than yours.

With the skyline in our front yard and the sunset at our back, Hoboken gets the greatest “golden hour” of everyone. So basically, our Instas are where it’s at.

8. You can walk everywhere here.

And if you don’t feel like it, rent a bike. Or get a $5 Uber.

9. Benny Tudino’s is the perfect hangover cure.

Because sometimes you just need a pizza slice twice the size of your face.

10. Our city breeds healthy people.

From regular HOHA runs to free fitness in the parks, Hobokenites bond over exercise (when we’re not imbibing).

11. We’re a close-knit community filled with familiar faces.

In less than one year of living in the city, you’ll not only know your neighbor, but the dog across the hall, the barista at Bwé, the staff at Dear Hannah and heck, even the dog-loving Sparrow Wine checkout crew, who have treats on hand just in case Fido joins you.

12. There’s always live music.

Hobokenites love a good jam session, especially at the “Live Music Capital of Hoboken,” Maxwell’s Tavern. I mean, with a patron history that spans Kurt Cobain, Bruce Springsteen and good ol’ JT, it’s no wonder the city of Hoboken (and its neighbors) flock here.

13. Our park scene is on-point.

There’s a reason Hobokenites are rarely inside: The Mile Square City has some of the best parks – and views – in the country. The award-winning Pier A Park is the largest in Hoboken, and offers shady spots for napping and sweeping views of the skyline. Several paces up the waterfront is Pier C Park, a man-made, playground-filled island that juts out into the Hudson.

14. Manhattan is just a stone’s throw away.

Ferries, buses and PATH trains get you into the city in less than 15 minutes. But, trips to Manhattan aren’t necessary, because as many Hobokenites know …

15. The grass is greener and the views are greater in Hoboken.

You can see up from the George Washington bridge down past the Financial District, all while standing on Pier A Park’s lush, green grass, surrounded by peace, quiet and a chorus of seagulls.

16. We love a good festival.

Whether it’s the seven-block Arts and Music Festival, the BBQ Festival, Oktoberfest, St. Ann’s Italian Festival or the Christmas Tree Lighting, Hoboken has a celebration for every season, and we’re always looking mix and mingle with our neighbors.

17. The Hudson isn’t just for pictures.

You can jet ski, kayak, there’s even a sailing club at Pier 13. And it’s all right on the Hoboken waterfront.

18. It’s easier to shop here.

My signature move around the holidays is to hit Little City Books and the Washington General Store for gifts. Then I go to Dor L’ Dor, Mint Market and Sweet Nicholas for myself. And that’s all in just one square mile.

19. We have dog-friendly bars.

And Cork City is just one of them. There’s also a really knowledgeable staff at Cornerstone Pets and you’ll find a dog park every few blocks. Even apartment complexes welcome animals with open arms, making the housing hunt a little less hectic.

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