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2 Ways to Celebrate the Fall of the Berlin Wall

by Carlo Alcos Nov 6, 2009
If you’re in Berlin on 9 November this year, here are a couple ways to celebrate the Fall of the Wall’s 20-year anniversary.
Festival of Freedom

An oversized set of falling dominoes to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall will punctuate Berlin’s Festival of Freedom on 9 November 2009. The temporary wall covers 1.5km and runs past the front of the Brandenburg Gate. The dominoes, 2.5 meters tall and weighing 20kg each, were hand painted in colourful fashion by schoolchildren.

A live concert will also provide some entertainment. I couldn’t determine if David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff will be performing, but Bon Jovi definitely is. The festival is set to end with a fireworks display.

The Mauer Mob

British artist Martin Butler’s latest project, “Mauer Mob 2009: Recreating the Berlin Wall”, will temporarily “recreate” the wall using humans instead of concrete and barbed wire. He is looking for 33,000 participants to cover the 46km route (which is segmented into 330 sections).

According to the New York Times, over 9,000 people in social media circles have already shown interest, while the Mauer Mob website shows the number committed approaching 6,000.

If you’re in the area, this would be a fantastic way to participate on the day.


If you haven’t already, make sure you head over to Paul Sullivan’s commemorative photo essay, Berlin 20/20: A Photo Tour of a Reunited City.

My wife and I haven’t yet decided how we will celebrate the event here in Melbourne. How will you?

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