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20 Spots to Frequent in Montreal to Blend in as a Local

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by Kimberley Jeane Jan 16, 2017

With so many restaurants, bars, and cafes in Montreal, it can be hard to choose where to go. One way to be sure that you won’t be disappointed is to follow the locals. They often hang out in the less touristy places where they’re sure that they’ll be able to have a good time and not break the bank. Here are just a few of the places where you’ll find local Montrealers on a regular basis.

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Depanneur Le Pick Up

 Depanneur Le Pick UpMontréal, CanadaA dépanneur is what they call a convenience/corner store in Quebec. But at this dépanneur, you’ll find some of best gourmet sandwiches and brunch plates in Montreal. It’s a bit out of the way from the city center, but even their delicious pastries and sweets are worth the detour. Check them out on #sandwiches #montreal
Photo by @vmystique via @deplepickup on Instagram.

Jean Talon Market

 Jean Talon MarketMontréal, CanadaThe largest open air market in North America. Check out all the farm fresh produce and local meats and cheeses from around Quebec. There are even stands selling solely foraged foods from around the state. #history #cheap-eats

Café Olimpico

 Café OlimpicoMontréal, CanadaEvery Montrealer knows this place! Established in 1970, this hipster Italian cafe in the Mile-End is a popular hangout place for people of all ages and from all crowds. Its outdoor patio is popular all year long, even in winter! #coffee #italian #pooltable #soccer
Photo credit: Alain Rouiller via Wikimedia Commons.

Avenue du Mont-Royal

 Avenue du Mont-RoyalMontréal, CanadaStroll along Mount Royal Avenue, the main street in the borough of The Plateau, the “Greenwhich Village” of Montreal. You’ll see the real Montreal and find vintage and artisan boutiques, indie musicians and artists, cute brunch places, café terraces, and colorful street art. Admire the residential streets lined with colorful houses, spiral staircases and beautiful trees. #urban #creative

T&T Tacos Et Tortas

 T&T Tacos Et TortasMontréal, CanadaLocated in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, this place has some of the best tacos in the city. They also have some fun cocktails, and a great atmosphere! #tacos #cheap-eats #mexicanfood

Le 4e Mur

 Le 4e MurMontréal, CanadaThis is one the coolest places in Montreal. It’s a hidden bar, modeled after speakeasies which became popular during the prohibition era. We can’t tell you where it is. The only way to find out, is to sign up to find out via their website. Then, when you get there, you’ll have to find the secret brick that will open up the wall. Inside, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a glam 1920s underground bar. Be sure to try their amazing old-fashioned drinks. Good luck getting in! #secretspots #speakeasy

Rotisserie Romados

 Rotisserie RomadosMontréal, CanadaEvery Montrealer knows that Romados serves some of the best Portuguese chicken in the city!
Photo credit: Christina Xu via Flickr

La Banquise

 La BanquiseMontréal, CanadaTrying poutine is a must in Montreal, and any Montrealer will tell you that this 24h diner located on the Plateau serves the best in the city. Poutine is a Canadian dish that originated here in Quebec. It’s basically fries topped with hot gravy and cheese curds. La Banquise serves over 30 variations of it. You’ll most likely have to wait in line to get in, but it’s worth it.

Schwartz’s Deli

 Schwartz’s DeliMontréal, CanadaCheap and amazing with fast service. This is the original location and its been here since 1928! (Oldest deli in Canada) #cheap-eats #montreal #canada

Lachine Canal

 Lachine CanalMontréal, CanadaCalming bike path by a canal with random industrial structures and street art to look at. Perfect for an outdoorsy moment biking in Montreal.

La Fontaine Park

 La Fontaine ParkMontréal, CanadaBeautiful park fit for a summer stroll, bike ride, pic-nic, or just a lazy day. Go ice-skating on the pond in winter. Much less touristy than the famous Mont Royal park!


 GanadaraMontréal, CanadaOne of the best places for Korean food – there is always a lineup here! Their tasty dishes like spicy ramen, bibimbap and fried chicken are worth the wait! #korean #cheap-eats

Restaurant L’Academie

 Restaurant L’AcademieMontréal, CanadaAn affordable French/Italian bring-your-own-wine Montreal chain. They focus on mussels and fries or, as they call it here “moules et frites.” You’ll find a variety of mussels in creamy, tomato-based, or cheese sauces. Their pasta dishes are also great. They also often have menu specials! #affordable #fine-dining #byow


 P.M.Montréal, CanadaAwesome Chinese restaurant! Away from the more popular Chinatown, but still in the heart of downtown Montreal. #chinesefood

La Distillerie no.1

 La Distillerie no.1Montréal, CanadaGreat little bar with amazing drinks!! Free jar of gold fish at point of order 😍 #free-wifi #montreal #canada


 CINKOMontréal, CanadaIt’s called Cinko and all meals and desserts are Cinco dollars! Yes, $5 for something like a burger and fries or tacos, or a sweet potato poutine. Cute place with a retro diner look. A DJ spins tunes from 80s, 90s and today that make you feel like dancing. #cheap-eats


 BrutopiaMontréal, CanadaOne of Montreal’s most well-known bars, a large, 3-level microbrewery with a laid-back vibe. If you like beer, this place is for you – they homebrew a great selection of craft beers and ales. Order some delicious pub food, or head there on the weekend to enjoy some live music. #localbeer #livemusic

Rôtisserie St-Hubert

 Rôtisserie St-HubertMontréal, CanadaSt-Hubert is an iconic Québec chain known for it’s rotisserie chicken and BBQ sauce. It’s a classic place to have a quick and inexpensive meal with family or friends. #cheap-eats #casual

Pho Bang New York

 Pho Bang New YorkMontréal, CanadaOne of the most popular places for Pho / Vietnamese food in the city – this place is always packed! #vietnamese #chinatown #montreal #cheap-eats

Le Serpent

 Le SerpentMontréal, CanadaFrom the outside, this place just looks like a warehouse. Enter, and you’ll find yourself in an industrial-chic bistro that serves some of the best contemporary Italian-inspired dishes in Montreal. #fine-dining

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