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7 Ways Traveling Makes You Sexy AF

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by Alyssa Ramos Jan 10, 2016

1. It creates confidence.

I don’t need to to tell anyone that confidence makes you sexy, so I’ll just skip to the creating confidence part that is sometimes a problem. When you travel, especially alone, you learn to be independent and in charge. You feel accomplished and proud that you’ve traveled somewhere, and all of that comes together to create a whole lot of sexy self-confidence.

2. It enhances your intellect.

Have you ever heard someone say that someone is “cultured,” or “well-traveled”? I used to have no idea what in the hell that even meant, but now I can pick out a person who has traveled in a room full of chattering people with my eyes closed. What makes them stand out isn’t just their knowledge of the world, but their positive or mutual opinion on worldly issues, and enthusiastic expression of ideas and goals.

3. It improves your smile.

A smile is a beautiful thing, and people who smile a lot are damn sexy. That’s because a smile comes from happiness, and a happy person is always the kind of person you want to be around. No matter what you have going on in your life, or what your past is, if you travel, you are bound to experience happiness. Have you ever met someone who travels and isn’t happy and smiling? I doubt it.

4. It makes you healthy and in shape.

When people ask me what I do to work out, my answer is usually, “I travel a lot.” Traveling requires a lot of walking, moving, and sometimes strenuous activities, all of which contribute to getting in shape. It also requires you to be healthy, which means eating right, and taking care of yourself properly. According to nature, being healthy is attractive for procreation…AKA sex…AKA that means healthy is sexy.

5. It builds your stamina.

People who travel don’t have time to slow down. They not only have to keep going, but they want to keep going, because traveling makes you determined and eager to see and do more. Why is that sexy? Well, think about what else having strong stamina to keep going is good for.

6. It makes you mysterious and interesting.

Everyone loves a little mystery, and that’s exactly how you’ll seem when you’re traveling. While you’re off doing your own thing, people will be wondering what you’re up to, and what types of different, interesting things you’re experiencing while exploring the unknown. Your availability will also significantly decline, adding to the mysteriousness, and soon you’ll be in high demand for figuring out.

7. It makes you a better lover.

One of the sexiest things about a person, is their ability to love fiercely. Traveling opens and expands your heart, it makes you fall in love with cultures, places, experiences, and life. Having that sort of love is sexy because it means you’re going to share it, and the feeling of fearless love is what we all really want, isn’t it?

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