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8 of the Best Microbreweries in Colorado

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by Tim Wenger Dec 14, 2016

The Mile High City is awash in craft beer, so much so that it almost seems ridiculous. Some are better than others, and many have broken into the mainstream craft beer market around the state and the country. Here, though, are eight microbreweries that, while newer to the scene, stand apart from what is rapidly becoming an overcrowded market.

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Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

 Cannonball Creek Brewing CompanyGolden, United StatesCannonball Creek is about three minutes from the Coors Brewery in Golden, but obviously makes much better beer. A large tasting room and large patio sit right off the highway passing through town, a good spot for a post-River tube drinking session.

WestFax Brewing Company

 WestFax Brewing CompanyDenver, United StatesLakewood, just west of Denver proper, is working to rejuvenate West Colfax and WestFax Brewing is the most solid offering so far. Plus, they are literally right next door to Casa Bonita, so you’ll have something to offer the kids as well (after you work your way through Casa Bonita, you’ll need a beer anyway).

Ratio Beerworks

 Ratio BeerworksDenver, United StatesIf their American Standard Ale isn’t reason enough to visit Ratio, the Ratio Sessions put this place over the top. They bring in well-known rock bands for stripped down, intimate performances and record them for those not able to make it. A solid way to stand apart from the hordes of breweries around town.

Great Frontier Brewing Company

 Great Frontier Brewing CompanyLakewood, United StatesGreat Frontier is synonymous with Gluten Free (or reduced), hence the GF in the name. In a concerted automotive shop,
This place serves solid beer that even those who can’t normally enjoy beer will enjoy. I recommend the Blonde Annie or Willie’s Irish Red Mustache.

Fiction Beer Company

 Fiction Beer CompanyDenver, United StatesFiction is, as it sounds, a literature-themed brewery. Right up my alley all the way, they host book clubs among other events, and name their brews after famous works, writers, or word-ly movements. I recommend the Old Bums and Beat Cowboys Pale Ale.

Chain Reaction Brewing Company

 Chain Reaction Brewing CompanyDenver, United StatesIf you like pop-punk as much as I do, Chain Reaction is a great place to do your drinking. The pair of Brian’s behind will chat you up while the soothing sounds of Blink-182 penetrate your ears, plus they do a solid job of having the best food truck rotation in town.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales

 Black Project Spontaneous & Wild AlesDenver, United StatesBlack Project only makes a few beers, but they do them incredibly well. A bit pricey, but more than worth stopping by to try their delicious barrel-fermented sour beers.

Declaration Brewing

 Declaration Brewing CompanyDenver, United StatesDeclaration Brewing rocks live music on the lawn and always has a good food truck. Plus, their Amber and Kolsch beers are as good as you’ll find anywhere in the Mile High City.

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