8 Reasons You Should Never Move to Germany

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by Genevieve Northup Jun 1, 2015

1. You avoid bread because there’s a remote chance you have a gluten sensitivity.

You seem perfect to me. #pretzel #dachau #vscocam

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2. And you can’t man up to finish a liter of beer.

3. You don’t have the energy for a bike ride on a summer day.

4. You’re way too old for world-famous fests.


5. Without gridlock you won’t finish your 50 Shades of Grey audio book.

6. You think steel high rises are more scenic than this.

Last stop in #germany. #germantown #universitytown #cityview #neckar #heildelberg

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7. You’re so over walking up hills to reach castles.

8. You think it’s rude not to finish your meal.


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