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8 Reasons New Hampshire Is the Place to Be in the Fall

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by Dayana Aleksandrova Oct 7, 2016

New Hampshire during the fall season will make you feel like you’ve entered a Wizard of Oz-like fairytale, but wihtout all the drama. Hang out with 10,000 jack lanterns, pet a pony while eating a fat stack of pancakes or simply relax with a nice meal by the lake as you watch the leaves fall. The Granite State has it all and you only have limited time to experience it.

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1. Downtown Wolfeboro


Downtown wolfeboro

Wolfeboro, United States

Downtown Wolfeboro is one of the cutest little towns in New Hampshire. I’d definitely go ahead and use the word “quaint,” without fearing of sounding corny. Stroll through the little steers and pop into the antique shops. Definitely go in October when the leaves along the lake start to turn and the whole town looks like a Matisse painting. #foliage #free


2. Mount Major


Mount Major

Alton, United States

This is my favorite hiking trail in all of New Hampshire. Why? Well, for one, it’s not too hard to climb- takes about 45min at moderate speed up and 30 down. Two, in summer there is ice cream at the top. Three, it’s absolutely gorgeous at the top with a wide space to set up your tripod and pose for some breathtaking nature shots. #hiking #camping


3. Lago



Meredith, United States

Dinner at Lago is such a bliss. Exquisite oven roasted salmon with pistachio pesto and fingerling potatoes; fantastic wine (go ahead and ask for the chef’s recommendation) and a perfect sunset view of the lake even in the cooler months. The wooden bat and dim light make you feel very comfortable and right at home. This place is perfect for a date night or to take the family – I bet you can convince the kids to be quiet with the promise of some white chocolate with macadamia at the end of the meal. #view #fine-dining


4. O Steaks & Seafood


O Steaks & Seafood

Laconia, United States

Steaks, seafood and great views – that’s O’s summed up in three words. Whether you’re staying at the hotel overlooking the lake, or just stopping by to dine at the posh restaurant, this spot will please any pallet. Service is top notch and you’ll feel right at home. I always used to steal mom’s lobster mac and cheese leftovers she brought from O’s; couldn’t resist and neither could you. #scenic #posh #steak #seafood #foliage #fine-dining


5. The Laconia Pumpkin Festival


Laconia pumpkin festival

Laconia, United States

Last year I accidentally stumbled upon this giant festival cruising through downtown while I was out on a photographic excursion. Kids playing everywhere, foliage in full speed, thousands of pumpkins all across town and cider, sweet cider. This year I’m telling you- go and do not miss it under any circumstances if you’re in the area. October 22, save the date and please send me some cider over to Barcelona. 🎃 #foliage #playground #activekids


6. Heritage Farm Pancake House


Heritage Farm Pancake House

Sanbornton, United States

This is every kid’s dream (mine too, to be honest). Check it – a pancake house, I’m talking stacks of thick flapjacks dropping in syrup + a petting farm! Tiny chickens, piggies, horses – I’d ditch work any day and “borrow” my friend’s kids just so I can have a day full of this bliss. Perfect for the fall season, as this place is the definition of comfort. #cheap-eats #kidsmenu #playground #activekids


7. Mount Cardigan


Mount Cardigan

Orange, United States

I swear to god, the first time I climbed Mt. Cardigan, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. To be fair, it was my first “real” physical activity and I had just moved to the Granite State. Some hours after I embarked on the epic hike with my friends, I couldn’t have been happier, I mean, look at that view! Looks even better in fall when the leaves are turning. Go ahead and climb. If I can do it, so can you. Plus, going down is much easier (could be the satisfaction that comes with the view). #hiking #camping


8. Mack’s Apples


Mack’s Apples

Londonderry, United States

Nothing is more foliage to me than apple picking. I mean, strolling through the orchard is just about the best, most scenic endeavor ever, without the physical strain of a hike. Pick a few bags of colorful apples and make cider and a few pies; maybe grab a pumpkin and some squash. Let the kiddies run wild. #foliage #familytime #applepicking


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