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Best Trips: Argentina / Uruguay

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by Tim Patterson Mar 28, 2008
Planning a trip to Argentina or Uruguay? Dig in to this free online travel advice.

The Matador Team tries to publish the most inspiring free, online travel guides in the world.

But we’re hardly the only travel writers scouring the planet for truly special places – and posting the best discoveries online.

To celebrate this wealth of free travel resources, each week MatadorTrips will spotlight the best travel guides we find on the Internet, themed to a specific destination.

“Best Trips” is an echo of our sister publication BraveNewTraveler’s popular Best of the Week.

Open your imagination. Get inspired.

“More Discerning Puntas”

For chill beaches, leave Buenos Aires for Uruguay – and don’t stop at Punta del Este.

Thanks to my friend Kat for pointing me to the excellent travel section in the Guardian, the most sensible of U.K. newspapers.

Wonder of wonders, the Guardian recently ran a top-notch feature on the quiet coast of Uruguay, including a mention of the beach hostel where I’m typing right now.

Also check out my latest blog from Punta del Diablo, and editor Paul Brady’s pick for best beach bar and best empanada on the Uruguayan coast.

“Iguazu Falls By Moonlight”

How to make Argentina’s most romantic destination even sultrier? Just add moonlight.

One of the very first guides published on MatadorTrips was to Iguazu Falls, described by Lucia as the most romantic destination in Argentina.

Now, our friends at Argentina’s Travel Guide report that it’s possible to visit the falls by moonlight for 4 days during the full moon.

Never heard of Iguazu? ATG has a good primer.

“Argentine Nights”

Tango, Vino…and Controversy!

We took a lot of harsh criticism for the “Guide To Getting Laid In Buenos Aires” over at MatadorNights. I don’t feel too bad though, because even the New York Times failed to please the Argentine blogosphere with their recent feature on ex-pat bohemians in Buenos Aires.

And at least we aren’t being accused of stealing material

Have you come across any free online travel resources for Argentina or Uruguay? Please leave a comment below!

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