1. By teaming up with Cirque du Soleil to create an acrobatic playground…

Cirque du Soleil has redefined the word “circus” with stunning, otherworldly spectacles that push the boundaries of engineering and showcase the insane abilities of really fit humans. Club Med has long been known for its circus-style activities, and together they’ve built CREACTIVE, an imaginative, acrobatic playground where guests can learn trapeze, trampoline, aerial silks, and 27 other acrobatic and artistic skills from Gentils Circassiens (GCs), a team of skilled professionals. It’s like running away to join the coolest circus in the world…for a week.

2. …and offering eco-excursions

Some all-inclusives expect you to pull out a towel and plant your butt by the pool for the duration of your stay. That’s a fine way to spend your vacation, but if you’d rather explore beyond the resort’s boundaries, the Dominican Republic’s Club Med Punta Cana makes that easy with a range of cool excursions. Pay a little extra and take the Paddleboard Eco-Ride — it’s a half-day adventure that includes paddleboarding through Tortuga Bay, a visit to a nature reserve, and a swim in a beautiful lagoon. Don’t worry, you’ll be back in time for dinner. (Note: This excursion incurs an extra fee.)

3. By helping you escape the kids…

For visitors who desire more relaxation / fewer screaming children, Club Med Punta Cana offers Zen Oasis, a brand-new adults-exclusive enclave within the larger resort. Tucked away along the resort’s northeast edge, guests at Zen Oasis stay in modern tropical rooms and have access to exclusive amenities like an oversized pool with 50-meter lap lanes, an adult beach zone, and the Hibiscus bar and lounge, serving smoothies, sandwiches, and, of course, cocktails.

4. …and welcoming families with open arms

But traveling with little ones is no problem here either. Club Med Punta Cana makes it totally painless with optional extras like Baby Club Med daycare, Petite Club Med toddler camp, and included activities for ages 4-17. There’s also Baby Corner, where you can find food for your child and a 24-hour feeding room. Bringing a teenager? There’s a program designed just for them with adventure activities, circus training, and special nightlife like beach parties and movie nights.

Club Med Punta Cana

Photo courtesy of Club Med Punta Cana

5. By letting you pick your level of luxury

While the whole resort offers an upscale “four-trident” experience, guests who crave an extra dose of excellence can book rooms in the “five-trident” Tiara space. And by rooms, we mean 753-square-foot bungalow suites that include two bedrooms, a lounge, and a sea-view terrace. Tiara guests also enjoy continental breakfast delivered in-room, as well as champagne receptions in the evening and a dedicated concierge to make sure your days are full of activities…or nothing more energetic than a vigorous massage.

6. By helping you burn off that second trip to the buffet…

The newly expanded fitness center includes everything you need to hit the beach feeling terrific. Work up a sweat on a treadmill or rowing machine, or partake in one of the complimentary group fitness classes, including aerobics, cardio work, or TRX suspension training.

7. …and get extra Zen

Vacation can be about letting loose or getting centered, and Club Med Punta Cana makes it simple for Zen Oasis guests to do both. Dance the night away at the resort’s waterside club, then wake up for an outdoor yoga class in a coconut grove just off the beach. Namaste.

8. By teaching you the hottest water sports…

Kayaking, windsurfing, sailing — you can do it all here. For an extra fee, you can even learn some new skills at Club Med Punta Cana’s kitesurfing school, where you’ll use an oversized kite to harness the wind and help you glide across the water. Once you master the basics, it’s a graceful way to play in the waves and one incredible rush.

9. …and offering something for absolutely everyone

There’s a fine line between laid back and bored, but at this resort there’s more than enough to keep you and your crew entertained. From archery, sailing, and horseback riding to bocce ball, golf, and dance classes, there are so many activities at your fingertips. It’s like summer camp for the whole family.

Feature photo courtesy of Club Med Punta Cana