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Followup: Stargazing in Scotland Confirmed as World-Class

Scotland National Parks
by Hal Amen Nov 18, 2009
The International Dark-Sky Association has awarded a park in southwestern Scotland with “dark sky” status, certifying it as one of the best places in the world to watch the stars.

THIS PAST AUGUST, Trips introduced the World’s Best Stargazing Destinations. Included in the list was Scotland, which Matador contributor Bob Riel noted has some of the darkest skies in Europe.

Now, the International Dark-Sky Association has named Galloway Forest Park as one of only a handful of locations on Earth that deserve it’s “dark skies park” designation. Out of a 24-point darkness rating system (24 being on the level of a photographer’s dark room), Galloway got a 23.

The park also scored points for its accessible location. It may be far from any light-polluting population center, but that doesn’t mean it’s ultra-remote. According to The Guardian’s coverage of the story, Galloway is easily visited from northern England, southern Scotland, and by ferry from Northern Ireland.

For more details, such as how to plan your own Scottish stargazing trip, visit the website of Dark Sky Scotland.

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