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Get Lost With a Free Psychogeographic Destination Kit

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by Richard Stupart Mar 19, 2012
A free, printable kit to create your own unexpected journey.

HOW MANY TIMES I’ve been so wrapped up in going somewhere that I’ve missed out on travelling mindfully. Missed out on actually seeing the things I am so busy passing in order to reach my destination.

I know that it’s human nature, in part, to focus on where we are going, rather than the experience of getting there, but it would be great if it were possible to leave my front door and have an unstructured adventure. To move without purpose and see my immediate world in its fine detail once again.

The Psychogeographic Destination Kit.

The Bureau of Unknown Destinations is a structured project to annihilate the destination, leaving only the structure of the journey to preoccupy your mind. They’ve gone so far as to make a freely available kit for structuring your own exploratory journey into the unknown.

For example, if you live in New York, the kit includes a series of cards for shuffling train journeys, as well as a series of rules for picking where you get off and how you travel. If you stay anywhere else, the kit carries different sets of rules to get you travelling according to colours, tracing a virtual circle on a map, or simple rule patterns of left and right turns to take you further and further away from your front door to somewhere that you cannot predict ahead of time.

Go get lost!

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