From the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk to the Willis Tower’s Skydeck in Chicago, glass-bottomed observation decks are all the rage. But a developer is taking the glass-bottom game to the next level with a fully enclosed glass slide, the “Skyslide,” affixed to the 70th floor of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. Made of 1¼-inch-thick triple-laminated hurricane glass (doesn’t make me feel safer), the slide is 4-feet wide, 3½-feet tall and 45-feet long.


Photo courtesy of OUE Skyspace

Gulp. This thing is terrifying. I must try it…

The Skyslide is part of the new OUE Skyspace, which will be California’s tallest outdoor observation deck when it opens this June. Now you can be eye-to-eye with LA’s famous smog!


Photo courtesy of OUE Skyspace

Skyslide tickets go on sale March 18, 2016 here. Are you going to do it?