1. Deep dish from Giordano’s.

What is your favorite spot for deep dish pizza in the city? Comment below. it's necessary 🍕🍕🍕

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2. Thin crust from Bar Siena.

It's not all deep dish 🍕 in Chicago. #EEEEEATS #dailypizza 📷: @fromuyenwithlove

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3. One of each taco from Velvet Taco.

Is Tacoholics Anonymous a thing? Cause…

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4. A big juicy steak from Chop.

5. Oysters from the West and East Coast at Shaw’s Crab Shack.

6. Lobster Rolls at Luke’s Lobster Roll.

7. Portillo’s italian beef and french fries.

Who's hungry? An Italian beef sandwich and fries ought to take care of it. #Regram from @jamie_starr_88. #Portillos

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8. Wasabi’s ramen.

The last supper,✌ till senior year @maureennaval #oodlesofnoodles #chicagofoodauthority

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9. Summer House Santa Monica’s cookies.

10. Cool ranch doritos nachos at AMK Kitchen Bar.

Cool Ranch Doritos nachos at @amkchicago are just as crazy delicious as they sound 💙

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11. President Obama’s favorite breakfast spot Valois.

The #1 N.Y. Steak & Eggs is on President Obama’s Favorites Menu here.

Fact: steak and eggs tastes best in surly old-school cafeterias frequented by Obama.

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12. Nando’s Peri-Peri’s Peri Peri chicken.

looking forward to the upcoming friday already #CHEEKY

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13. The Angry Crab for a big bag of amazing seafood.


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14. bopNgrill’s kimchi fries.

15. Waffle cone from Kilwins.

Right on time #currentsituation #summertimeChi

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16. The Combo Platter from Halal Guys.

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