32 Delicious Foods to Try in Chicago

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by Nycole Hampton Sep 23, 2015


1. Deep dish from Giordano’s.

What is your favorite spot for deep dish pizza in the city? Comment below. it’s necessary 🍕🍕🍕

A photo posted by Chicago Food Authority (@chicagofoodauthority) on

2. Thin crust from Bar Siena.

It’s not all deep dish 🍕 in Chicago. #EEEEEATS #dailypizza 📷: @fromuyenwithlove

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3. One of each taco from Velvet Taco.

Is Tacoholics Anonymous a thing? Cause…

A photo posted by NOMSTOP (@nom_stop) on

4. A big juicy steak from Chop.

Another sneak peek of our menu🍴After a great night with family and friends, we’re almost ready for the official opening!

A photo posted by chopchicago (@chopchicago) on

5. Oysters from the West and East Coast at Shaw’s Crab Shack.

I really really really want all these oysters from @shellyfromshaws again like now ❤️🍴. Can’t wait for @oysterfestchi Friday. #Mychicagopix #oysterfestchi

A photo posted by Nycole Hampton (@msnycole) on

6. Lobster Rolls at Luke’s Lobster Roll.

7. Portillo’s italian beef and french fries.

Who’s hungry? An Italian beef sandwich and fries ought to take care of it. #Regram from @jamie_starr_88. #Portillos

A photo posted by Portillo’s Hot Dogs (@portilloshotdogs) on

8. Wasabi’s ramen.

The last supper,✌ till senior year @maureennaval #oodlesofnoodles #chicagofoodauthority

A photo posted by Kristen Park (@kristenjiinpark) on

9. Summer House Santa Monica’s cookies.

10. Cool ranch doritos nachos at AMK Kitchen Bar.

Cool Ranch Doritos nachos at @amkchicago are just as crazy delicious as they sound 💙

A photo posted by Rachel Bires (@rach.esq) on

11. President Obama’s favorite breakfast spot Valois.

The #1 N.Y. Steak & Eggs is on President Obama’s Favorites Menu here.

Fact: steak and eggs tastes best in surly old-school cafeterias frequented by Obama.

A photo posted by Matt Kirouac (@mattsland) on

12. Nando’s Peri-Peri’s Peri Peri chicken.

looking forward to the upcoming friday already #CHEEKY

A photo posted by ellie (@elliejer) on

13. The Angry Crab for a big bag of amazing seafood.


A photo posted by MT_ME (@topdb) on

14. bopNgrill’s kimchi fries.

15. Waffle cone from Kilwins.

Right on time #currentsituation #summertimeChi

A photo posted by themikerayshow (@themikerayshow) on

16. The Combo Platter from Halal Guys.

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