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Stacked Infinity Pools in a Bali Rainforest

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by Emily Hanssen Arent Aug 28, 2012
These photos of infinity pools at a Balinese resort have Emily Arent reconsidering her stance on roughing it.

I’M A LITTLE STUBBORN about roughing it. I have friends who can’t comprehend my willingness to stay in grimy hostels and walk for miles in order to save a few bucks and extend the journey.

I can’t judge people for how they choose to travel. We all find our peace through travel in different ways. At 24, I’m finding it by schlepping around the Sea of Galilee with my thumb out, my back soaked with sweat in a shirt that’s been worn a few too many times without being washed. Also, I’m broke, so loving to travel this way is pretty convenient at this point in my life.

But there are times when I allow myself to have full-blown, elaborate fantasies about resort vacations. Especially when I come across pictures like these. I imagine myself bobbing in an infinity pool as a little old woman, one day when my adventures have been had and it’s time to stop sweating on the side of the road and relax for a minute…for the rest of my minutes.

Bali’s Ubud Resort is the opposite of roughing it. With stacked infinity pools extending into the jungle like still, glassy dance floors and the sounds of the trees filtering over the resort, this is an exceedingly luxurious place to find your peace as a traveler. The decks and bungalows that make up the complex are built on stilts overlooking the surrounding terraced rice paddies and the nearby Pura Penataran Dalem Segara Temple.

Someday, I’ll treat myself. But not today. Today I’ll just stare at these pictures and daydream for a minute. And then I’ll return to planning my camping trip.

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