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TRIPS Year in Review: Our 10 Favorite Lists of 2009

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by Hal Amen Dec 29, 2009
It’s time to reflect on a very successful year here at Matador Trips. Today, we look back at some of our favorite lists of 2009.
1. World’s Best Surf Spots for Beginners (And 5 You Should Avoid)

“These days learning to surf doesn’t have to be the fearful, difficult proposition it once was. Forgiving foam surfboards and qualified surf instructors mean standing up and riding a wave in your first session is very likely — and then you’re hooked. Read on for Matador’s list of the best surf spots to start your new addiction…”

2. Matador’s Top 7 Summer Road Trips in the US / Canada

“Summertime in the US and Canada is all about road tripping. Here are 7 of our favorites, some well known, others following country roads that only locals usually travel. All of them have plenty of room for improvisation.”

3. The Top 20 Microbreweries in America

“Twenty of the best microbrews America has to offer and the towns to drink them in.”

4. 9 Montana Backpacking Trips That Will Blow Your Mind

“From alpine tundra to lush valleys, hot springs to waterfalls, here is some of the most amazing terrain in the world and how you can get there.”

5. Go In Peace: Seven Asian War Destinations

“The 20th century was a time of brutal savagery in Asia. Warfare technology brought us Agent Orange, napalm, and the atomic bomb. And along with that, loss of human life on an enormous scale. The people of these countries haven’t forgotten their past ordeals and many sites have been erected to remind us of the horrors of war.”

6. The World’s 15 Most Bike Friendly Cities

“Grab a helmet and check out these 15 pedal heavens, where drivers have actually been known to use all five fingers when they wave at you.”

7. Liberoachi, Voodoos, and Condiments: The World’s 10 Wackiest Museums

“So you’ve been to the Louvre and the Guggenheim and the MET. Bravo. Those are child’s play. If you want something truly unique and memorable, you have to check these out.”

8. World’s 8 Most Colorful Chinatowns

“Can’t be in China to ring in the Lunar New Year? Not to worry: there will be celebrations going on in Chinatowns worldwide.”

9. Matador’s Favorite Spots in Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Several members of the Matador team either are living or have lived in BsAs. These are their stories.”

10. 8 More Strange Places on Planet Earth

“You’ve walked the Great Wall, gazed upon the Pyramids of Giza, and scaled the Andes to Machu Picchu. What’s next? Earth is a mighty big place, and if you’re willing to strap on some snowshoes or trek through barren deserts, there’s a whole lot of strangeness left out there.”

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Suspicious of lists? So are we. What did you make of LP’s Top 10 Destinations for 2010?

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