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20,000 Bikes Hit the Street Promoting Sustainability and Great Beer

Sustainability Cycling
by eric warren Sep 7, 2011
Drink beer, ride bikes and wear purple fairy wings with New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat.

The touring, bicycle-powered sideshow, Tour de Fat, rolls through several cities each summer reminding people that riding bikes and saving the planet can be a blast! This video brought me back to a time when I would look forward to “the Tour” coming through my town.

I would don gold sequins and a pink boa and throw a leg over my bike. At no other time is riding so slow so much fun. Music wailed from bike mounted stereos, dresses flapped in the breeze (usually on men) and women showed enough skin to get thrown out of most public establishments. Even the drivers forced to wait as thousands of cyclists passed would smile or wave. Then we would ride into a park filled with tents and a corral of freak bikes (ever ride a bike with tennis shoes instead of tires?) for the festival. Bands played. People danced. Beer was consumed.

The grand finale: people handed over their car keys and got a sweet New Belgium cruiser bike. The planet just got a little better!Video created by DuzerTV.

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