5 Spanish language animated films that can compete with Pixar

1. Chico y Rita

This is an Oscar-nominated film that deals with romance in pre-revolutionary Cuba. It comes with an epic soundtrack, and great historical insight into the spread of Latino music from Cuba to the United States.

2. Anina

This film centers on a young girl who, after standing up to bullying at school, receives — as punishment — a sealed black envelope that she isn’t allowed to open for a week.

3. Arrugas

This film tells the story of two roommates in a care home who try to hide their deteriorating condition from doctors and staff.

4. Metegol

This film tells the classic sports narrative of a young boy facing off against his rival in soccer. The film is entirely CGI animated.

5. Gordo, Calvo, y Bajito

After having a crisis about the dullness of his life thus far, an old man meets a man who had more success, regardless of his physical appearance.

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