BRUNO GAGNON IS INSANELY TALENTED. He directs the Flip Fabrique circus company in Québec City, Canada, and he says the “circus arts take years to master.” He would know — he’s been doing it for 17 years. We followed him around, watched him perform, and heard why it is he does what he does.

I can be in another set of mind when I perform and when I train. I put my earphones on and I go juggle with my props, and I can actually think of the wave of the music, I can think of all of the movement that is going through my body without having to think of anything else.

Flip Fabrique is putting on a show called Crépuscule – Raviver les braises (in English: “Twilight – Rekindling the Embers”) this summer in Québec City. “In the summer here in Québec, it’s something special. This is when life is at its peak.” People who visit in the summer, Gagnon says, “can see our old culture but at the same time they can see the new vibe of arts that are here.”

And he’s right — Québec City is maybe the most beautiful city in North America, and the Québécois culture is truly unique. Crépuscule is free, outdoors, and runs now through September 4. If you’re in town (or are within driving distance), go out and see Bruno and his friends do what they do best in the city they love.